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When you think of things to do in the Emerald City, many things may come to your mind, like visiting the Space Needle or riding a ferry. Visiting Bellevue Zip Tour probably isn’t one of them, but you know what? It should be!

This aerial adventure park is located 15 minutes east of Seattle, Washington and promises an exciting three hours of adrenaline-pumping adventures the likes of which you won’t find nearby. 

Never been zipping through the trees and not sure what to expect? Read on, my friend!

I’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can take your thrills to new heights with complete confidence!

Get Started at Bellevue Zip Tour

You’ll begin your Bellevue Zip line tour in the parking lot at 14509 SE Newport Way in Bellevue. Their trailer/office is located on the edge of the lot and this is where you’ll sign in.

It’s also where you’ll pay $4 for a pair of gloves (if you didn’t bring your own), and weigh in. 

Yes, you heard me correctly. They have a strict weight limit of 250 pounds and ask everyone to step on a scale to ensure they don’t exceed this limit.

Put your worries aside, though. The scale is off to the side, and no one but the person checking you in (not even you) can see your weight.

You’ll also need to sign a waiver, but you can save some time by doing this online before you get there.

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Bellevue Zip Line Group on Platform
Photo Credit: © 2022 Jim Ferri at

Getting Your Ziplining Gear On

Once everyone in your party signs in, you’ll take a short walk up the hill to meet your guides. Safety is their number one priority, and they’ll walk you through each step of getting your gear on. 

You’ll be accompanied by two instructors who will make sure your safety harness is on correctly before you start the course.

safety harnesses for Bellevue Zipline tour
Step Right In! Each person will be guided through getting their safety harness on correctly.

Getting up in the Treetops

Of course, before soaring through the tree canopy on a zipline high above the forest floor, you’ll have to climb a ladder to get to the first platform.

If you can do that, you’ll be able to do everything else on the course. 

From the time you take your first step up the ladder until you’ve completed the adventure course, you’ll always be hooked to a safety line (actually, more than one) to keep you from falling.

As crazy as it seems to step off a perfectly safe platform into thin air, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get just anywhere!

Having fun at the Bellevue Zip Tour course
You’ll be on platforms as high as 80 feet in the air!
Photo Credit: © 2022 Jim Ferri at

Enjoy the Outdoor Adventure at Bellevue Zip Tour!

Your group will spend the next couple of hours taking turns crossing the seven zip lines that make up the zip line tour.

Each line ranges in length from 78 to 458 feet. The highest platform you’ll be on is 80 feet high and you’ll be zipping along at speeds up to 35 mph. 

You’ll also cross two suspension bridges. You can cross one at a time or make it more thrilling by bouncing each other all the way across. It’s up to you!

You may have heard stories of someone getting hurt slamming into a tree at the end of a zipline. That won’t happen here.

When you get close to the end of the line, there are blocks that act as breaks to slow your approach. The instructor will then make sure you are safely on the platform. 

Your group will take turns crossing each zip line before moving on to the next one.

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Ziplining through the tree canopy near Seattle, Wa
Photo Credit: © 2022 Jim Ferri at

Things You Should Know Before You Go Ziplining in Seattle

Is Zip Lining Scary? 

Not gonna lie, it sure can be! If you’re afraid of heights, a zip line tour may not be for you. However, most people get more and more comfortable with each line they do.

Remember, the safety harnesses are there to protect you and will keep you from falling, so have fun with it!

Will We Still Zip Line if It’s Raining?

If you’re new to the area, welcome to Western Washington, where it rains 150 days a year!

Yes, your zip line tour will continue even in the rain. It will only be canceled if the weather becomes dangerous, as in lightning, hail, high winds, etc.

Otherwise, check the weather app and come prepared accordingly! 

What Should You Take With You

You’ll be outside for 2 1/2 to 3 hours and up in the tree canopy for most of that time. You can bring snacks, a water bottle, chapstick, and anything you think you’ll need to be comfortable. 

However, keep in mind you have to be able to carry all this with you, even on the zipline.

Also, don’t count on having easy access to all your pockets since the safety gear makes some of them inaccessible. 

Are Cameras Allowed on the Course?

Yes! You can bring your camera/phone/selfie stick, etc. The only caveat is you’ll have to accept the risk that it could be lost or broken if you drop it. It’s not hard to hold your phone when you’re ziplining, but be sure to turn the volume so you can call it if you do drop it.

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the tree canopy.

What Else Does Bellevue Zip Tour Offer?

The most recent addition is a climbing wall. The wall is available for group reservations, open climbs, climbing classes, and climbing camps.

They also offer Bellevue Challenge Course which includes a low course, a high course, and a verticle playpen. These are great activities for team building!

Final Thoughts

We had a great time at Bellevue Zip Tour! There were six or seven in our group and several had never been ziplining before. There were some fears to work through, but we did and would absolutely recommend it!

If you’re looking to go ziplining in Washington or, more specifically, a Seattle zip line course, add this one to the top of your list!

Happy Zipping!

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