12 Mexican Traditions Everyone Should Experience at Least Once

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Perhaps the best part of travel is getting to experience other cultures and traditions. Mexico has a rich history that spans hundreds of years, and the festivities that have withstood the test of time are worth noting. Here are 12 of their traditions everyone should experience at least once.

1. Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Cinco de Mayo
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This is celebrated to mark Mexico’s victory during the Battle of Pueblo against France. While street fairs are all over, you can visit places like Puerto Vallarta Beach to see fireworks. 

2. Dia de los Muertos – Nov. 1st/2nd

Couples dancing and celebrating the day of the dead
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Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, honors the families and friends that have passed on. While skulls are the main decor, this celebration is a happy event that celebrates the life lived. 

3. Mexico’s Independence Day – Sept. 16th

Mexicos Independence Day
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Though this is commonly mistaken for Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s Independence Day is a completely separate event. Mexico won independence from Spain after a long war ending Sept. 15, 1810.

4. Fiestas

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Mexican fiestas don’t have a specific date like the first 3 we mentioned, instead, these are simply parties. However, if you want to truly experience the culture we recommend the authentic Mexican food and colors only fiestas provide

5. Virgen de Guadalupe – Dec. 12th

Virgen de Guadalupe
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A Catholic celebration all over Mexico occurs in December. Similar to our 12 days of Christmas, cities all over Mexico celebrate the 12 days of pilgrimages with different festivals, decorations, and music leading up to Virgen de Guadalupe.

6. Day of the Mariachi – Nov. 22nd

Day of the Mariachi
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Mariachi bands are known as Mexico’s music, dating back to the 18th century, this unique mix of instruments tells the stories of their culture. Nov. 22nd celebrates the music of Mexico because of its connection to Santa Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.

7. Semana Santa – Mar./Apr.

Semana Santa
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Also known as Holy Week, Semana Santa lines up with America’s celebration of Easter. Mexico’s festivities start on Palm Sunday and make their way through Easter Sunday making it a great week to vacation. 

8. Dia del Niño – April 30th

Dia del Niño
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Your children will love this one considering it is the Day of the Child! Just like how we celebrate moms and dads on their respective days, this day sees kids being given treats and toys from their parents and teachers. 

9. The Voladores

The Voladores
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This tradition dates back to the original Native tribes that inhabited what is now Mexico. It involves dancers atop tall wooden poles with ties, they then descend slowly, dancing in the air. It is an amazing experience originally done to celebrate fertility. 

10. Quinceañera’s

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Move over Sweet 16’s, the Quinceañeras celebrates when a girl enters womanhood on her 15th birthday. This day-long party begins with a Catholic mass and ends with a specially choreographed dance and the typical food and presents. 

11. Alebrijes

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Started in 1936 by artist Pedro Linares Lopez, Alebrijes quickly found themselves a staple of Mexican culture. These brightly colored animal creations are thought to protect homes and scare away evil. 

12. Mexican Hat Dance

Mexican Hat Dance
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Mexico’s national dance, the Hat Dance, celebrates relationships and courting. The beautiful dance isn’t the flashiest part of this, though. You can also enjoy the intricately made suits and dresses donned by the participants.

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