12 Abandoned Prison Tours That Are Now Popular Attractions

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Prisons, especially old and spooky ones, have always held an interest in tourist’s hearts. You get to learn the history and walk through a place most of us will never visit outside of a tour group. Prison tourism is on the rise and here are 12 prisons turned attractions to check out for yourself!

Alcatraz Island – San Francisco, California

Alcatraz Island
Image Credit: Karee Blunt | Our Woven Journey

We had to start off with one of the most famous prisons of all time. Alcatraz is a small island off the coast of San Francisco, California that held some of the most well-known criminals like Al Capone. 

Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/lillisphotography

Running for over 100 years, Eastern State Penitentiary was extremely controversial, even when it was first opened. The operators supported methods such as solitary confinement and hard labor in order to “rehabilitate” their prisoners. 

Fremantle Prison – Fremantle, Australia

Fremantle Prison - Fremantle, Australia
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/pownibe

This prison is located in Australia but first housed criminals from England! They also held prisoners of war before eventually being a prison for run-of-the-mill criminals. Having opened up in 1855, it eventually became too old and is now solely used for tours. 

West Virginia Penitentiary – Moundsville, West Virginia

West Virginia Penitentiary - Moundsville, West Virginia
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/6381380

Built by prisoners in 1866, the prison operated for a little over 100 years, closing its doors in 1995. They were cited for inhumane conditions, which is obvious from the tiny cells and the capital punishment that occurred in the walls of this prison. 

Devil’s Island – French Guiana

Devil’s Island - French Guiana
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/mathess

This French penal colony saw over 80,000 of France’s worst criminals over the years. It isn’t just named for its inhabitants, however. The horrific conditions these people faced were what finally got it closed down. Many died from disease and hunger.

Yuma Territorial Prison – Yuma, Arizona

Yuma Territorial Prison - Yuma, Arizona
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Cheri Alguire

Built on stone cliffs in Yuma, Arizona, this prison is actually known for having better living conditions than the others on this list. Prisoners commonly made items for the local Sunday markets, and it had one of the first public libraries that allowed them to learn to read and write.

The Clink Prison Museum – London, UK

The Clink Prison Museum - London, UK
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Nataliia Milko

This is one of the oldest prisons on our list, opening up in 1144! Unfortunately, your tour won’t take you through the original building as it was burned down in 1780 during a riot. The museum in its place, though goes through all 500 years of its history.

Hostel Celica – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hostel Celica - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/dabldy

Not only can you tour this prison, you can stay the night in it as well! Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia as a former military prison. Local artists have turned some of the rooms into amazing places to stay. 

Maitland Gaol – East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Maitland Gael prison
Image Credit: AlecTrusler2015/Shutterstock

Maitland Gaol in East Maitland, New South Wales, is another prison in which you can spend the night. Opened in 1848, they used to hold public hangings by the main gate until 1897. They closed in 1998, making them one of the longest-running prisons in NSW. 

The Tower of London – London, UK

The Tower of London - London, UK
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/NeilLang

Not just home to the king’s quarters, the Tower of London also held a prison. Crossing the King specifically could see you end up here. With famous inmates like Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, and Sir Thomas Moore. 

Old Idaho Penitentiary – Boise, Idaho

Old Idaho Penitentiary - Boise, Idaho
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/MivPiv

This prison opened up in Idaho before Idaho was even an official territory. It is known as one of the most haunted prisons, having held 13,000 prisoners and seeing many deaths in its time. Make sure to visit Cell House 5, where some of the most violent criminals were kept. 

Robben Island – Cape Town, South Africa

Robben Island - Cape Town, South Africa
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/BassanK

Just a few miles from Cape Town, Robben Island was a prison, a hospital, and a military base historically. You probably know of one of their prisoners, Nelson Mandela, who served 18 years in its walls. 

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