These Travel Goals Are Overrated: Here’s Where to Go Instead

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Ever feel like your travel bucket list looks a bit… well, like everyone else’s? Let’s shake things up a bit. Instead of just hitting those same iconic spots, why not discover places that offer a fresh, unexpected thrill? Ready to see the world through a different lens? Here are 12 off-the-beaten-path destinations that promise to reignite your wanderlust.

Swap the Eiffel Tower for Mont Saint-Michel in France

Mont Saint Michel
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While the Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly iconic, Mont Saint-Michel offers a medieval charm and coastal beauty that’s equally enchanting. Rising majestically from the tidal flats of Normandy, this island commune is a testament to architectural splendor and natural beauty.  

Skip the crowds and explore this stunning island commune surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes.

Ditch Machu Picchu for Choquequirao in Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru
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Step off the beaten path in Peru and exchange the bustling crowds of Machu Picchu for the hidden marvels of Choquequirao. Nestled high in the Andes, Choquequirao rivals its famous counterpart in archaeological significance while offering a more intimate experience.

This alternative to Machu Picchu invites you to trace the footsteps of the Incas without the tourist hustle, offering solitude amid the historical grandeur.

Visit Raja Ampat Over the Maldives for Pristine Waters

Raja Ampat
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While the Maldives may be synonymous with azure waters and overwater bungalows, consider redirecting your gaze to the untouched beauty of Raja Ampat in Indonesia for an aquatic escapade like no other.

This archipelago, nestled in the heart of the Coral Triangle, promises pristine waters and untouched ecosystems that have earned it the title of the “Amazon of the Seas.” Experience unparalleled underwater beauty with fewer tourists and a more budget-friendly experience.

Trade Santorini for Milos in Greece

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Swap the bustling Santorini for the serene charm of Milos. The island, adorned with surreal rock formations and pristine shores, offers a more intimate encounter with Cycladic beauty.

The unhurried pace and authenticity of Milos will redefine your Grecian getaway away from the conventional postcard scenes of Santorini.

Choose Kyoto Over Tokyo for Authentic Japanese Culture

kyoto japan man and woman
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While Tokyo pulsates with modern energy and neon-lit streets, Kyoto stands as a living testament to the nation’s cultural richness, offering a tranquil journey into traditional Japan.

Wander through historic temples, participate in tea ceremonies, and experience the tranquility of Kyoto as an alternative to the fast-paced energy of Tokyo.

Opt For Dubrovnik’s Charm Instead of Barcelona’s Bustle

Traveller looking at view of Dubrovnik Old Town, in Dalmatia, Croatia, the prominent travel destination of Croatia. Dubrovnik old town was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979

Barcelona is a tourist hotspot, but Dubrovnik in Croatia offers a similar coastal allure with ancient city walls and charming streets. Allow the city’s coastal elegance to paint a different picture, where every sunset over the Adriatic becomes a masterpiece, and the city’s walls echo tales of a maritime legacy.

Select Haida Gwaii Instead of the Galápagos Islands

haida gwaii
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Discover the unique wildlife of Haida Gwaii in Canada, an alternative to the Galápagos Islands. With lush landscapes and diverse ecosystems, it provides an off-the-beaten-path experience for nature enthusiasts.

Experience the Amalfi Coast’s Beauty, Not the Cinque Terre Crowds

Amalfi Coast couple
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Instead of navigating the crowded trails of Cinque Terre, explore the stunning Amalfi Coast. Both destinations boast picturesque coastal views, but Amalfi offers a more relaxed atmosphere and equally breathtaking scenery.

Consider Hiking the Scottish Highlands Instead of the Swiss Alps

Scottish Highlands
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The Swiss Alps are a classic choice, but the Scottish Highlands offer rugged beauty and uncrowded trails. Choose the untamed allure of the Scottish Highlands over the well-charted paths of the Alps and let nature’s raw poetry be your guide through a land where every crag and heather-covered hill tells a story of the untamed north.

Explore Luang Prabang in Laos, Not Siem Reap

Luang Prabang
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While Siem Reap is famous for Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang in Laos offers a serene alternative. Embrace the tranquility of this UNESCO World Heritage site with its colonial architecture, Buddhist temples, and vibrant markets.

Visit Newfoundland Instead of Iceland for Northern Lights

Northern lIghts - DP
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Skip the crowded Northern Lights tours in Iceland and head to Newfoundland, Canada. With its remote locations and clear skies, it offers a captivating display of the aurora borealis without the tourist influx. 

Discover the Oregon Coast Instead of California’s Highway 1

oregon coast
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California’s Highway 1 is renowned, but the Oregon Coast provides a less crowded and equally scenic drive. Enjoy rugged cliffs, quaint seaside towns, and breathtaking ocean views on this alternative coastal road trip.

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