Best Gas Stations in America Worth Stopping For

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Gas stations are typically nothing more than mere pit stops during long journeys, serving the functional purpose of refueling vehicles. However, there are some exceptional gas stations across America that go beyond the ordinary, offering unique experiences and amenities that make them destinations in their own right! 

More Than Just a Pit Stop

Gas Station pumps
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From stunning architecture to gourmet food options, these gas stations have transformed the concept of a quick refuel into a memorable and enjoyable part of the travel experience.  Here are some of the best gas stations in America that are worth stopping at, adding a touch of delight to your road trips!


Buc-ees gas station
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Buc-ee’s has earned legendary status among travelers, known for its massive size and unparalleled amenities. These Texas-based gas stations are like mini convenience stores, boasting an extensive selection of snacks, drinks, and Texas-themed merchandise. 

With impeccably clean restrooms, numerous fueling pumps, and an array of freshly made treats, Buc-ee’s is a must-stop destination that embodies the phrase “everything is bigger in Texas.”

Helios House: California

Helio House gas station
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Helios House, situated in Los Angeles, stands out for its innovative and sustainable design. This eco-friendly gas station features a stunning canopy covered in solar panels, making it a visual delight. 

In addition to offering traditional fuel services, Helios House promotes environmental awareness, encouraging customers to adopt greener practices.

Sheetz: Pennsylvania

Sheetz gas station
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Sheetz has transformed the gas station experience by focusing on providing high-quality food options. These convenience stores in Pennsylvania and surrounding states offer made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and even specialty coffee drinks. 

Sheetz has gained a devoted following for its extensive menu, ensuring that hungry travelers can satisfy their cravings while on the road.

Iowa 80: Iowa

Iowa80 gas station
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Dubbed the “World’s Largest Truck Stop,” Iowa 80 is a haven for truckers and road trippers. Situated off Interstate 80, this massive truck stop offers an array of amenities, including multiple dining options, a large convenience store, a vintage truck museum, and more. 

Iowa 80 provides an all-encompassing experience that caters to the needs of long-haul drivers and travelers passing through.

Fun Fact: Not only does this epic truck stop have a fully functioning barbershop, but it also has a dentist on-site!

Terrible’s Road House: Nevada

Terrible's Road House
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Situated in Jean, Nevada, the World’s Largest Chevron stands out as an unexpected roadside attraction. This quirky gas station boasts 96 different gas pumps and serves about 55,000 travelers per day! It’s a fascinating stop for curious travelers passing through Nevada’s scenic landscapes.

Fun Fact: This gas station is 50,000 sq ft with a 700 sq ft beer cave, and the fountain beverage area has 72 soda heads!

Pops: Oklahoma

Pop's gas station
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Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma, is a must-visit for travelers. With its iconic 66-foot-tall soda bottle sculpture and over 700 soda varieties, it’s a vibrant destination along Route 66. 

The restaurant serves delicious food, making it a perfect spot to grab a meal while fueling up and enjoying the colorful ambiance. Pops offers a unique and memorable experience for travelers exploring the charm of Route 66.

Wawa: Pennsylvania

Wawa gas station
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The Wawa gas station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers more than just fuel. Visitors are drawn to its wide selection of freshly made sandwiches, salads, and snacks, all prepared in-house. 

The store also provides a variety of beverages, including their famous Wawa coffee, as well as a range of convenience items. Travelers can also appreciate the clean and well-maintained facilities, friendly staff, and efficient service. 

Sapp Bros Travel Center: Iowa

Sapp Bros Travel Center
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Sapp Bros Travel Center in Percival, Iowa, is not your typical gas station. Travelers love it for its exceptional amenities, including clean restrooms, comfortable seating, a variety of food options, a convenience store, truck repair facilities, showers, laundry, and a game room. 

Its commitment to customer service and diverse offerings make it a favorite stop for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Fun Fact: This large facility has all kinds of things to buy, from clothes to kids’ toys. They even have a theater/TV lounge!

Hollow Mountain Gas Station: Utah

Hollow Mountain Gas Station
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Hollow Mountain Gas Station, located in Hanksville, Utah, is not your typical gas station and attracts travelers for various reasons. This unique destination offers more than just fuel for your vehicle. 

It is actually located inside a mountain! Alongside the usual gas station amenities, Hollow Mountain provides a memorable experience with its attached restaurant, 

The Hollow Mountain Cafe serves delicious homemade meals and offers a cozy atmosphere. Travelers appreciate the convenience of a gas station and the opportunity to enjoy a satisfying meal. 

This gas station also has a well-stocked convenience store where visitors can find snacks, drinks, and various supplies. The surrounding scenic beauty of Hanksville adds to the allure of this gas station, making it a popular stop for travelers looking to refuel their bodies and vehicles while immersing themselves in the captivating landscapes of Utah.

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