14 Travel “Hacks” That Are Actually Just Plain Old Good Advice

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You’ve been on the internet before; you know as well as anyone that it’s riddled with “hacks” that aren’t anything special. We don’t blame you if you’re suspicious of anything with that word in the title. But that’s precisely why we’re rounding up a list of hacks that are worthy of that name. Check out these 14 travel hacks that’ll make you feel like you’ve broken into life’s secret code.

1. Bring Extra Clothes in Your Carry On

Even some seasoned travelers have had the displeasure of losing their bags. Anyone who has can tell you that being stuck in a strange place with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing is hugely stressful. Ease that stress by ensuring extra clothes and other essentials like deodorant and your toothbrush come with you on the carry-on.

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You may think you’ll never need them, but a fresh pair of socks and undies can make the difference between feeling like a disgruntled backpacker and a resourceful James Bond on a secret mission. Always remember: in the game of travel roulette, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

2. Download an Offline Map of Your Destination

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There’s no guarantee you’ll have good service where you’re going. Save yourself the anxiety and pre-download a map you can easily access so you don’t get lost. Think of it as your modern version of a pirate’s treasure map – you may not be searching for a chest of gold, but finding that vegan café in an unfamiliar city can feel just as rewarding!

3. Invest in a Universal Adapter

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So you’ve prepped your phone with all your navigation needs, but oh no – European outlets are staring at you with a smug, “Not in my house” expression. Nab one of these universal adapters to ensure your journey doesn’t run out of juice just when you’ve spotted the world’s biggest ball of twine. Remember, the world is round, but not all plugs are. Keep your tech alive, and your sanity intact!

4. Keep Clothes Fresh with a Dryer Sheet

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When you’re out conquering the world, your wardrobe inevitably picks up that all-too-familiar eau de “on the road again.” Give laundry-day smells the old heave-ho by sneaking a dryer sheet into your suitcase. It’s like a breath mint for your socks – and let’s be honest, your underwear will thank you, too.

5. Use Incognito Mode to Get Better Prices

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Ever feel like the airlines have your internet history on speed dial? Each click could be hiking up the cost of your trip. Sidestep their sly scheme by going undercover with incognito mode. You’ll get more honest prices, and let’s be real, it’s fun to play the role of a savvy, web-surfing sleuth. Search “incognito mode” to bypass this. Bonus points for this one, making you feel like a real hacker.

6. Fight Off Jet Lag with Yoga

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Jet lag can be a buzzkill, turning your trip into a groggy drag. Fear not, weary traveler! A bit of yoga or light jogging can help kick jet lag to the curb. Get your warrior pose on, and reclaim your vacation mojo!

7. Travel With a Water Purifier

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Fresh water may be hard to come by, depending on where you’re headed. Don’t take any chances: tote along a portable water purifier, and you’ll be sipping safe and sound wherever the journey takes you.

8. Pack a Few Crayons (Seriously!)

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Hear me out because this tip might seem silly, but it could end up saving you in an emergency. Candles can be incredibly bulky and difficult to travel with, but crayons are compact and also made of wax. So they’re excellent in a pinch if you need some light. And if you don’t, feel free to unleash the inner artist!

9. Take Advantage of Credit Card Bonuses

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Financial flexibility is fantastic for any traveler. Sign up for credit cards with point bonuses for travelers and make the most out of your trip. And if you already have cards like these handy, don’t forget to cash in before you start booking things.

10. Email Essential Documents to Yourself

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We hate to say it, but even if you’ve planned a dream vacation, you might not go anywhere without your passport. But if you’re worried you’ll accidentally forget or lose yours, you can scan any important documents and email them to yourself for fast access. Theoretical crisis averted!

11. Keep Bits and Bobs Organized with Pill Containers

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Small items like jewelry can be a hassle to pack. But storing them in pill boxes is a secure way to keep them organized and in one place, rather than strewn about the rest of your clothes.

12. Pack Light and Hand Wash Your Clothes

This hack won’t be for everyone, but for those who want to feel unburdened from heavy luggage, pack less and expect to wash clothes as needed. Don’t forget to pack a small amount of detergent to wash them properly.

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13. Fill Your Neck Pillow With Clothes

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Go with us here: we mentioned earlier that you want to pack your carry-on with clothing, but what if we took it one step further and stuffed some extra clothes in your pillow? It works like a charm and frees up more space on your carry-on!

14. Use ATMs to Exchange Currency

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If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll see currency exchanges to help facilitate switching over to the local currency. It sounds convenient, but the catch is that using this service can cost money. And while banks will still charge you a small fee at the ATM, it’s significantly less expensive and more traveler-friendly since you’re likely to find more of them than a currency exchange.

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