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My kids are addicted to screens. Or at least, they would be if we didn’t give them time limits. We decided long ago it was important we not only limit their viewing time but also what they are actually viewing. That’s easy enough to do with movies, a little trickier with YouTube, and a real challenge regarding what games they find online.

Recently, I heard of an online gaming site that has a ton of free games. You name it, and it’s probably on their site. Let me tell you why it’s become my go-to for letting my kids play online and which ones they like most.

No Need to Download a Ton of Apps

How many screens do you have to swipe on your phone to find the app you need? I have enough apps already without needing to download a new one each time my kids want to try another game.

One of the things I appreciate about is that it’s a one-stop shop. It has all the games we could ask for in one place without needing to download anything. 

For sure, I still have a few favorite apps on my phone, but I really only use those when wi-fi isn’t available, and I need to occupy a child for a few minutes. Otherwise, has so many games all on one site, why would I bother downloading any more apps?

Family Friendly, Kid Approved

Here’s where it gets fun. There are so many games – you may not have played them before, but you’re sure to recognize the titles. Once you start trying them, you’ll have countless hours of playing time ahead of you and still so many more to try! These are kid-friendly games you don’t have to worry about having content you don’t want your children seeing.

Here are a few your kids may enjoy: Looney Tunes, Muppets, Scooby Doo, Sesame Street, and Spider-Man. 

play-org Spiderman
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Want to try some for yourself that sound a bit more mature? How about Chess, Word Search, Solitaire (my favorite), or 3D Mahjong?

Guess what? Those aren’t names of the games, they’re actually the categories and each category has multiple games to play! Here’s an example, when you click on Spiderman, you’ll find all these gaming options:

  • Spider-Man Create Your Own Web-Warrior
  • Spider-Man Masked Missions: Building & Train Jumping Game
  • Spider-Man Spidey and His Amazing Friends Swing Into Action
  • Spider-Man Mysterio Rush: Swinging & Flight Game
  • Spider-Man Venom’s Vengeance
  • Spider-Man Web Shooter Online Shooting Video Game

Intructions Included

Another thing I appreciate about this site is that each game comes with detailed instructions. This isn’t some non-English speaking site that puts some non-sensical game up in hopes of simply getting traffic to the site. explains exactly what you need to do. Easy Peasy. I love that.

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Fun When You’re Stuck on the Phone

You know those phone calls you dread making because you know you’re going to end up stuck on hold for hours? I can’t make the call any shorter, but I can tell you a fun way to spend the time while you wait. In fact, it’ll go by so fast you won’t even mind being on hold!

What’s the trick? Log in to Play,org and find a game like Knife Hit. It’s ridiculously simple, yet so addictive! You can literally just sit there and tap the time away trying to hit an apple with a computer generated knife! (Yes, I’m sure there are more productive things to do with your time. That’s the subject for another post…not this one!)

knife hit play-org
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The Take Away

I love finding simple things that make life more enjoyable and does just that. It’s easy to access, easy to use, I know what my kids are viewing, and it has more games than we could ever ask for. 

No more downloading a different app for every game. Why, when you can go to one website and play them all non-stop?

These are fun, fill-up-some-free-time games to play. If you’re really into gaming and want to learn how to play video games for money, here’s how you can do that, too!

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