15 Most Populated Cities in the World in 2023

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With a global population surpassing 8 billion, it’s fascinating to see where we all decide to hang our hats. While many relish the quiet of smaller towns, millions gravitate towards the buzz of big cities. These urban hubs aren’t just dense with people; they’re bustling with culture, innovation, and life. Here are the most populated cities of 2023, where the majority of the world’s inhabitants call home.

1. Tokyo, Japan – 37,194,000

Tokyo, Japan
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/AlpamayoPhoto

The sparkling capital of Japan takes the lead with over 37 thousand citizens. While it is full of skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology, you can still see the ancestry of traditional Japan at every turn.

2. Delhi, India – 32,941,000

Delhi, India
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This is another city that blends its rich history along with its modern needs beautifully. Taking a stroll down the streets of Delhi allows you to explore monuments of ancient times and also high-end shops.

3. Shanghai, China – 29,211,000

Shanghai, China.
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/zorazhuang

Often looked to as the forefront of amazing futuristic tech. This is a city full of marvels of architecture like the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl Tower. They remain one of the most important powerhouses for commerce around the globe.

4. Dhaka, Bangladesh – 23,210,000

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/MD MARUF HASSAN

The history that this capital city has is showcased at every turn. While they have definitely kept up with the times, their closeness to their heritage and traditions is a bigger part of their city than the skyscrapers associated with the ones above.

5. Sao Paulo, Brazil – 22,620,000

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Image Credit: istockphoto.com/dabldy

Sao Paulo is one of the most important economic cities, with their exports being just as rich as their samba music. A beautiful place to experience the arts and sounds of Latin culture, with festivals throughout the year.

6. Mexico City, Mexico – 22,281,000

Mexico City
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

Another capital city that loves its history. Mexico City combines the indigenous practices of their ancestors and the changes brought by the colonials to make a city focused on teaching others. They are proud of everything that makes them who they are today.

7. Cairo, Egypt – 22,183,000

Cairo city in Egypt
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Well known for containing one of the seven wonders of the world, the Giza Pyramids. The history that continues to be discovered here has changed how we view our history and what we know of ancient people.

8. Beijing, China – 21,766,000

Beijing, China
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/superjoseph

Another well-known landmark lies here, the Great Wall of China. Beijing is also home to the imposing Forbidden City, reminding us of China’s imperial history. With great history also comes modern architecture and a city known for its culinary scene.

9. Mumbai, India – 21,297,000

Mumbai, India
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER

China isn’t the only one being featured twice on this list; India also has two of the most populated cities. Mumbai is known for the Bollywood film industry, which brings in more revenue and viewers than even Hollywood!

10. Osaka, Japan – 19,013,000

Osaka, Japan
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Eloi_Omella

Another two-timer on the list! Osaka, Japan, is a foodie destination for sure, known for its amazing street vendors and entertainment districts. Of course, historical landmarks like Osaka Castle show their history as well.

11. New York City, United States – 18,937,000

New Year's Eve in Times Square - New York City, USA 
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Ryan Rahman

Times Square, Broadway, Rockefeller Center. New York City is the hub for all things associated with the Big Apple. Fast-paced living might be what they are known for, but New Yorkers definitely have more to offer, like street fashion and unique street food.

12. Chongqing, China – 17,341,000

Chongqing, China
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/dk1234

Often referred to as the “Mountain City,” Chongqing sits in the southwestern part of China and is surrounded by ancient mountains. Another city where you can find rich history mixed with modern innovation.

13. Karachi, Pakistan – 17,236,000

Karachi, Pakistan
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Aleem_khan

A major player in the global economic game that we don’t hear much about. Karachi is home to the Karachi Stock Exchange, cementing that importance. One of their famous landmarks features the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

14. Kinshasa, Republic of Congo – 16,316,000

Kinshasa, Republic of Congo
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Julien Barba

Kinshasa is a melting pot of cultures and languages. Though it sits in the continent of Africa, French is actually its official language. It is also one of Africa’s largest cities in terms of size, nearly 4,000 square miles.

15. Lagos, Nigeria – 15,946,000

Lagos, Nigeria
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/peeterv

Lagos isn’t just in the top 15 for the current population. It’s also one of the fastest growing as well. The Lagos Carnival is flocked to every year with various events that tell their history and provide an experience of their current culture unlike any other.

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