10 Least Tourist Trap Places for Couples to Visit

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Spending time with your partner is crucial to keeping the flame in your relationship. One tried-and-true way to do this is to break away from the day-to-day tasks and dive into new adventures together, creating shared experiences and unforgettable memories. That can be hard to do in crowded places that are more tourist-trap than genuine adventures.

Skip the Tourist Traps With These Recommended Destinations

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To find the best places, you may surf the net or seek advice from tour guides, which is fine. The problem is that will often lead you to visit the same crowded places that everyone else is touring. Mingling with other tourists might make the experience more fun. However, it can also make the experience less personal for both of you. 

So, if you’re looking for a honeymoon site to rekindle the spark — one that isn’t overflowing with tourists and fellow honeymooners — check out these ten places based on travel geeks’ recommendations. 

1. Texas 

Big Tex in Texas
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Don’t we love the South? Texas is the second-largest U.S. state by both area and population. It is home to some of the greatest voices in country music. 

According to travelers, no place screams home quite like Texas. And the friendliness of the people contributes to the hospitality — the state’s motto is friendliness, too! Its diversity, big, bold culture, and distinctive nature make it a top site for couples’ visits. 

2. Buffalo

courthouse in Buffalo
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One adventurer geeks out about this New York City, calling it an underrated gem. Buffalo is the second largest in New York State and lies in Western New York at the head of the Niagara River. 

Buffalo is one of those U.S. cities that never sleep. So, if you enjoy vibrant nightlife scenery, head over to Buffalo!

3. Northern Canadian States

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Sure, Canada may differ from what you’d expect on this list. However, digital nomads say the Northern territories of Canada are great. Internet sources describe it as “an iconic yet mysterious region of Canada.”

Doesn’t that sound exciting? Plus, Igloos, icebergs, polar bears, seal hunters, and the Northern Lights maybe some of its best-known symbols. Such a shame that the region rarely gets visitors.

4. Pittsburgh

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This isn’t one you’re likely to come across in many tourist sites. It’s off the level of Athens or Venice but still provides a beautiful experience to remember. It is in southwest Pennsylvania at the junction of three rivers, which combine to form the Ohio River. 

It is also known as the Steel City for its pioneering role in the U.S. steel industry. You’d love the view in Pittsburgh as there are many skyscrapers and fascinations, especially for architectural lovers.

5. Rome

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Hear me out. Italy isn’t always crowded. Depending on the season, one can enjoy the European country, and there are many things to do for fun, especially in Rome.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as the country’s capital, it shows off its proud culture. Suppose you’re a lover of art and architecture and looking to experience Italian cuisine — which has inspired different cuisines worldwide. If you are, Italy is the place to be.

There’s also Venice and Milan, which are such a delight.  

6. Athens

quaint street in Athens
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Just like Italy, Greece can seem like the wrong option if you’re looking for a personal experience. But the timing makes all the difference. A tourer suggests going from May to October, around the off-season. 

Athens is the capital of Greece, which inspired Western civilization. It has a lot of beautiful beaches and islands. Greece is also home to the internet-famous Santorini. 

 7. Busan

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A tourist expresses profound excitement for South Korea and the city of Busan. They provide more details so other people can enjoy the most of their experience. They say, “If you want something with a lot of stuff for tourists while still being a completely authentic experience, the entire Nampo-dong neighborhood and the neighborhoods nearby are absolutely wonderful.”

8. Chicago 

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One vacationer doesn’t care if they would get under a lot of fire for saying this, but they genuinely believe Chicago is an excellent city to have fun with your boo. Many others think the same, too!

They say, “Sure, there are touristy things, but I think if you want a big American city feel but don’t want the over-the-top touristy-ness (and prices) of places like NYC and L.A., it’s a good spot.”

A native added, “World-class city with the best food! Come in the summer for endless street and neighborhood fests. Get out of the west loop area and explore many amazing neighborhoods. Our beach and bike baths run far north. Seriously, I love Chicago so much.”

9. Nagasaki

Nagasaki temple
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Nagasaki is a Japanese city on the northwest coast of the island of Kyushu. It is rich in culture, architecture, traditional cuisine, and history. It is home to the WWII museum, which covers the impact of the Allied nuclear attack on the city. The natives are also friendly. 

10. Reykjavik

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Reykjavík is Iceland’s capital and the largest city and is excellent for hiking activities. If you’re fascinated with Viking history, you will enjoy this city as it traces its roots to the Vikings’ history.  

The nightlife in Reykjavík is also fantastic, and they host beautiful musical festivals!

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