Wish You Could See the World? These 10 Travel Jobs Let You Do Just That

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Tired of being tied down to your desk all day? Are you bored of the same place, yearning for adventure and a change? Well, if that sounds like you, this post is exactly what you need right now! Members of a popular online forum share what jobs have allowed them to travel often and we’re honestly pretty impressed!

1. Maritime Industry: A Sailor’s Quest

Portrait of a yoyful Caucasian sailor at the helm of his sailing yacht.

One traveler mentions working on a ship means sailing the seven seas, visiting exotic ports, and experiencing various cultures. Because of the rotational schedule that allows plenty of time off, you have lots of free time to travel around the world once back on land!

2. Traveling Nurse: Emergency Escapade

Patient on stretcher with paramedics ambulance aid emergency woman man

Being a traveling nurse is like being a medical nomad. With every new assignment, you get to visit a unique sight. The journey is unforgettable, from treating patients in busy cities to providing nourishment in serene tropical paradises.

3. International English Teacher: Old Alphabets, New Venues

English education for toddler

Regular teaching jobs may be mundane, but picture teaching in a different country every year and having classrooms across the globe. As an international language instructor, you can also visit new locations during school holidays.

4. Wedding Photographer: A Paid Vacation

a wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in nature, the photographer in action

A user mentions they work from May to November and travel from December to April. What a dream! Not to forget, the job itself can take you to dreamy locations to shoot. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect balance of work and traveling?

5. Geologists in Unknown Geographies

Scientists with a beard in a plaid jacket examines through a magnifying glass stone monument Scythian epoch on a green hillside

From towering mountains to hidden caves, you get to explore some of the most remote and breathtaking places on Earth, mentions a member. With a two-weeks on and two-week off schedule in the summertime, this is a perfect way to explore the world.

6. Medical Writer: A Case of Portable Words

a senior doctor is looking at some ideas with a nurse . They are using stick notes on a glass display board in a medical meeting environment.

Forget being confined to a desk for the entire day. As a medical writer, you can travel the world while writing about it! From attending conferences in various locations to seeing experts in the field, the job takes you on a journey of discovery.

Plus, you have the freedom to carry your laptop with you anywhere you would want!

7. Pilot: Sky Is the Limit

Rear view of confident male pilot showing his thumb up and smiling while sitting in cockpit

Being a pilot is like being a professional traveler but with the bonus of getting paid! With the power to navigate skies, you can jet-set your way through breathtaking landscapes. From sipping tea in China to eating croissants in Paris, working this job is like having a visa to the entire world.

8. Coders in a Canopy

Young Asian woman software developers using computer to write code sitting at desk with multiple screens work remotely at home. Programmer development concept.
istockphoto.com/MTStock Studio

If you think this profession is about being confined to four walls in a dimly lit room – think again! Thanks to technology, individuals can write codes, manage networks, and troubleshoot problems while sipping a margarita by the pool.

9. Event Decorator: Adorning the World

Florist in the workshop packs a bouquet. Decorator work with her creation. Woman in flower shop making floristry assemble

Working as an event decorator is like being a magician; you carry the ability to transform a space completely. And the best part? You get to do it all over the world! From weddings in Turkey to corporate events in Dubai, there’s no limit to where your creativity can take you.

10. Firefighters in the Wild

spring fire, burning dry grass near buildings in the countryside. Firefighter extinguishes the flame. Environmental disaster.
istockphoto.com/Oleg Marchak

A wildland firefighter’s job requires high physical endurance and mental toughness, but the reward is an extended period of time off during the year. One user shares that their work allows them to take six months off and roam around the globe carefree!

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