It’s Tradition, We Promise: Strangest Customs on Earth You Can Participate In

Why settle for ordinary tourist traps when you can spice up your travel experiences with a dash of the peculiar? We’re going off the beaten track and straight into the realm of the wonderfully weird.

1. Cheese Rolling In Gloucestershire, England

Imagine a quaint English hillside under a sunny sky. Now picture a crowd of people tumbling down said hill, risking life and limb, all in pursuit of…a wheel of cheese. Welcome to Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling, a tradition so old that no one quite knows how it started.

2. Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea

Ever dreamed of a visual carnival of colors, cultures, and traditions? Welcome to the Goroka Show in Papua New Guinea. It’s a cultural gathering where over 100 tribes come together to showcase their music, dance, and extraordinary traditional costumes.

3. Monkey Buffet Festival, Lopburi, Thailand

If you thought your family get-togethers are bananas, wait until you see this. In the town of Lopburi, Thailand, locals lay out a buffet that’s truly fit for a king… King Kong, that is.

4. Wife Carrying World Championships, Sonkajärvi, Finland

For the record, Sonkajärvi, Finland isn’t just the land of saunas and social equality. It’s also the proud home of the Wife Carrying World Championships.

5. Holi, India

As one of the most vibrant and energetic festivals on the planet, India’s Holi, or the Festival of Colors, is an experience of a lifetime. People toss brightly colored powders into the air and at each other, turning the streets into a veritable kaleidoscope of hues.

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