Here’s What Travel Was Like 100 Years Ago

What Was it Like Back Then?

Ever wondered what it was like to ‘roar’ around the country during the Roaring Twenties? Back then, travel wasn’t just hopping on a flight; it was an escapade replete with suspense, novelty, and a sprinkle of grit. Here's what you could expect if you traveled 100 years ago.

1. Ford Model T

You’d need a sturdy vehicle, and not just because of the rough roads. If you were lucky, you might have a fancy new Ford Model T, but more likely you’d be driving a rickety old jalopy that would break down every few miles. Better pack some spare parts!

2. Rough Roads

Speaking of rough roads, they weren’t kidding. Forget the smooth asphalt highways of today. Back then, you’d be lucky to find a dirt road that wasn’t full of potholes, ruts, and boulders. Better hold onto your hat!

3. Plan to Camp Out

If you wanted to see the sights, you’d better be prepared to camp. There weren’t a lot of fancy hotels back then, and the ones that did exist were often full of bedbugs and other unpleasant surprises. Better pack a tent!

4. Better Bring a Book!

You’d need to bring your own entertainment, too. There were no smartphones or streaming services to keep you amused on long, dusty stretches of road. Better pack some books!

5. Leave Your Furry Friends Home

If you were traveling with a pet, be prepared for some odd looks. People weren’t as used to seeing dogs and cats in cars back then, and some might even accuse you of being a witch. Better pack some extra treats!

6. Pack a Lunch

Food and drink were a bit more limited back then, too. Forget about grabbing a Frappuccino at the drive-thru or ordering a burger and fries at a roadside diner. You’d be lucky to find a dry sandwich and a lukewarm soda. Better pack a picnic!

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