9 Unexpected Habits of Geniuses (And 1 That’s Definitely Not)

You may not find them buried in a book or lecturing in front of a class. While it is possible to find geniuses in the library or lecture hall, it is also possible to find them on the couch or up late at night.

They’re Pretty Messy

Many people think of geniuses as being highly regimented and ordered. While that may be true for their schedules, studies have shown that messy desks can be a sign of high intelligence.

They Daydream

People with high intelligence tend to have very active imaginations. Letting their minds wander and daydream gives them the creative stimulation they need throughout the day.

They Love to Doodle

It’s time to look a little closer at those drawings in the margin you make during meetings. Doodling is a great way to process information and solve problems.

Geniuses Stay Up Late

Neither are geniuses! There are a few competing theories as to why this is. One says that it’s written in their genes, and the differences in brain chemistry mean people with higher IQs tend to work better late at night.

They Take Cold Showers

No one can doubt the therapeutic value of a hot shower. However, there are many brain benefits to taking the occasional cold shower that many highly intelligent people take advantage of regularly.

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