Unforgettable James Bond Villains

An iconic role such as James Bond requires iconic villains as well. Over the years, James Bond has tangled with his fair share of villains who are evil, maniacal, or both, men and women whose plans sometimes involve destroying the world or taking it over.

1. Auric Goldfinger

The majority of Bond Villains are affiliated with SPECTRE, an organization bent on world domination, but Goldfinger is an exception.

2. Oddjob

Many bond villains also have a henchman or henchwoman. Oddjob was the first great evil sidekick in the Bind pantheon.

3. Rosa Klebb

Truly one of the coldest villains in the Bond franchise, Klebb is a cruel, calculating Russian puppet master set on seeing to the death of James Bond. She’s deadly in person as well with her poison-tipped boot blade.

4. Xenia Onatopp

Onatopp is the henchwoman to Alec Trevelyan (further down this list). The epitome of a femme fatale, she well earns her alias Venus Flytrap with her tendency to murder people by strangling them between her thighs.

5. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Blofeld is the head of SPECTRE, and he appears in several films, and different actors portray him. For the first few films involving him, we only see him as a pair of hands holding and petting a cat.

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