10 Ridiculously Priced Items That People Can’t Stop Buying

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Many items and services today sport price tags that are nothing short of jaw-dropping. It’s disheartening when the prices transform everyday necessities into luxuries. Ever stumbled upon a product and wondered why it costs an arm and a leg?

A curious netizen recently posed a question online, inquiring about products that are ridiculously priced yet shouldn’t be. Read on for some of the responses given.

1. Movie Theater Popcorn

Movie Theater Popcorn
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One commenter said, “Movie theater popcorn will cost you more than the ticket you paid.” 

The theater staff conveniently ensures people don’t bring in their snacks, so they have no other option but to buy the overpriced popcorn. It has never made sense why the snack would cost more than the movie ticket. 

However, according to one commenter, there seems to be a convincing reason behind the outrageous prices: “Because the ticket profits go mostly to the film studios and the only way movie theaters turn a profit is concessions.” 

2. Concert Tickets 

taylor swift
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With the recent Beyonce’s Renaissance and Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, it is clear how deep people will go into their pockets to pay for concerts. 

One commenter expressed how they could not understand why people sometimes fork over so much money to attend concerts.

While the blame often goes to TicketMaster, one commenter begged to differ: “I know it’s trendy to hate TicketMaster right now, but I buy tickets to shows that are not from TicketMaster all the time & they’re still expensive. It’s an industry issue.”

3. Alcohol in Bars

Alcohol in Bars
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/ValentynVolkov

Alcohol in grocery stores costs way less than in bars. While everyone knows this, people still flock to bars every evening and weekend to spend money on cost-inflated alcohol. 

One comment on the post said, “I can’t believe how much people spend on alcohol at a bar.” 

Trying to give the reason behind the inflated costs of alcohol in bars, another commenter said, “It’s the ambiance they pay for.”

4. Insulin 

Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Bernard Chantal

“Insulin. Life-saving drugs, but the big industries like their money more than lives,” said one commenter. 

It is unfortunate to see diabetic people dig deeper into their pockets to get an item that should be a necessity and not a luxury. While there are many theories about why the product costs that much, it is one of the items that need to be closely regulated and subsidized. 

5. Eye Glasses

man wearing computer glasses
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

Eye care is one of the many outrageously priced medical services. Getting prescription glasses does not make it any better. 

One commenter said, “Eyeglasses. Frames alone—three pieces of plastic—costing $350 or more is a racket.”

Breaking the frames of the glasses would be a nightmare for anyone who needs their prescription glasses.

6. Dental Care 

Dental Care
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/PeopleImages

While we are often told to visit dentists at least twice a year, the prices you have to pay do not make it logical; dental care is ridiculously priced. Sadly, many people stay in pain because they cannot afford the services. 

“The fact that dental isn’t part of medical coverage is such a scam. Teeth are treated as “luxury bones,” even though ignoring problems with them can cost one’s life. Infections due to rotting or damaged teeth cause health issues; in a chunk of places, the cheapest and first options are removal instead of reconstruction. Not to mention implants and dentures are expensive even with some insurance packages,” said one commenter. 

 This is another essential service made to be a luxury not many can access. 

7. Sports for Kids

Sports for Kids
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/shironosov

While every parent would like their child to learn a sport or an extracurricular activity from a tender age, not many can afford it. 

One commenter said, “Sports/extracurriculars for kids. The prices are outrageous.”

This is, however, another of the items on the list that had commenters trying to give justifications: “But at least those prices (mostly) make sense. Venue rental, salaries for employees, equipment. It’s not a bargain, but there are a bunch of expenses they need to cover.”

8. Funeral Expenses

funeral planning expenses
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/shapecharge

Why would outrageous bills still haunt people even when they are gone? It is definitely one of the things that shouldn’t be that expensive. 

The funeral industry has transformed, and many can barely afford enough money to give their loved ones a befitted send-off. One person commenting on the transformation in the funeral industry said, “Dying and being buried with a funeral. A hundred years ago, a farmer could die at home and be buried by his relatives for free. Now the death industry soaks them for ten thousand bucks or more on their way out.”

9. Rent 

For Rent Real Estate
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/Feverpitched

The rental industry recently took a turn for the worst, and there is no hope of prices ever going down. An upward trend will have tenants pay more and more in the unregulated industry. 

“I keep wondering, “Are there WAY more people now than two years ago? Is that why rent skyrocketed?” And the answer is, of course, no. The landlords just realized that people HAVE to have a place to live, so they will eventually have to pay no matter how expensive it is.” 

It is one thing you must cope with, or you’ll be out in the streets. 

10. Shower Gel 

Shower Gel 
Image Credit: istockphoto.com/fizkes

Why are shower gels way more expensive than bathing bar soaps? Would it be because they feel more luxurious to use?

One commenter said, “Shower gel. It’s essentially the same product as a bar soap but is more expensive, and you get way less mileage. I went back to bar soap.” 

While it may come with some solid pros over bar soaps, being that costly is just unreasonable. 

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