19 Boujee Places That Are Perfect for A Girls’ Getaway

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Gear up for a girls’ getaway that promises more than just a change of scenery. Each destination on our list, like the chic streets of Paris or the laid-back vibes of Austin, offers unique experiences that are anything but ordinary. These places are handpicked for their ability to combine fun, relaxation, and a touch of luxury, ensuring your trip is filled with unforgettable moments.

Our selection aims to cater to every preference, ensuring your travel stories are packed with everything from serene spa days in Napa Valley to exhilarating nights in Las Vegas. These destinations stand out for their rich mix of culture, adventure, and pampering, perfect for making your girls’ getaway a standout experience.

1. Bahamas

girls in bahamas
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Going to the Bahamas is a must on the girls’ getaway bucket list, specifically at Baha Mar. While there is a ton of affordable lodging to choose from, Rosewood Baha Mar Hotel is the boujee place to be. It’s a sanctuary set on the white-sand beaches of Nassau, complete with the view of its turquoise waters. Around the area, you can also find iconic luxury shops and one of the grandest casinos in the Caribbean.

2. Bali

woman tourist in Bali
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Bali is a playground for the chic and adventurous. Unwind with your girls at a spa resort, getting pampered with Balinese massages, and feel the stress melt away. Then, hit the town in places like Seminyak or Ubud, where the nightlife is as lively as the beach clubs are glamorous. Enjoy sunset cocktails, laughter with your best friends, and dining under the stars.

If your girl squad is looking for a one of a kind experience, how about booking a private helicopter ride that takes you to a volcano in Bali, Indonesia? If heights are not your thing, you can opt for a luxury catamaran cruise or a private dinner at the Tanah Lot Temple. Sure it’s not a budget vacation, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, you’ll find it in Bali.

3. Bermuda

Southampton Parish, Bermuda
Image Credit: Stephen Bonk/Shutterstock

Bermuda has no shortage of beaches to choose from, which means that there are tons of water activities to choose from. Jet skiing, snorkeling, and whale watching are some fun activities, but if you and your gal pals are feeling very adventurous, you can also go shipwreck diving. At the end of the day, visit Harry’s at the Waterfront or Mad Hatters to enjoy a luxurious dinner.

For a girls’ getaway, Bermuda offers more than just stunning beaches and fun water sports; it’s a place where you can soak up the island’s laid-back luxury. Enjoy pink-sand beaches by day and explore the quaint, pastel-colored streets of St. George’s by night. And if your group loves a touch of mystery, a boat tour that edges into the Bermuda Triangle might just add that extra spice to your vacation tales.

4. Tulum

Tulum, Mexico
Image Credit: Bucha Natallia/Shutterstock

Tulum nowadays is synonymous with “Instagram.” It’s one of the most photogenic places to be in due to the amazing art sculptures, picturesque beaches and historic ruins that surround the small town. Make sure to check out the famous Casa Malca hotel or the bohemian inspired Nomade Tulum hotel to take those unforgetable Instagram shots.

There’s more to do than just snapping the perfect photo, though. After visiting the popular spots, you can chill out with your friends in the less crowded cenotes or enjoy a laid-back yoga class on the beach. The real Tulum shines through its local markets and eateries, where you can taste the real Mayan cuisine and mingle with the locals. It’s a place where you can unwind and reconnect, making it a great spot for a relaxed, yet enriching, girls’ trip.

5. Santorini

Image Credit: World on Wheels Blog

Santorini is an iconic place to have a girls’ getaway trip. Other than beautful views of its volcanic landscape and the mediterranean sea, this historic island is full of luxurious nightlife spots. If you’re looking to watch the sunset on a terrace with a cocktail in hand, Marinera and Tango Champagne and Cocktail bar are the perfect places to be. Or, if you wish to burn the dance floor with the girls, go to Enigma or KOO Club.

Beyond the nightlife and breathtaking views, Santorini offers a mosaic of experiences for a girls’ getaway. Spend your days exploring the winding streets of Oia, adorned with white-washed buildings and blue-domed churches, creating a picturesque backdrop for your adventures. Plan to indulge in a wine-tasting tour to sample the island’s unique volcanic wines or unwind with a spa day, getting a taste of the Aegean ambiance. However you spend your time, a girls getaway in Santorini will be one for the books!

6. Mexico City

Chapultepec castle in Mexico City
Image Credit: Alisia Luther/Shutterstock

This city in the heart of Mexico is home to many influental artists and historic buildings that are nothing short of architectural luxury. So if you and your friends are into sightseeing beautiful locations, this underrated city may be just what you’re looking for.

For example, Chapultepec Castle is a castle in Mexico City with breathtaking glass walls, marble floors and stone columns. Luis Barragan House and Studio as well as the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico that are also must-see. This city proves that a getaway with the girls can still be boujee, even without a beach to lay on!

7. Barcelona

Barcelona ariel view
Image Credit: Carl Tomich/Shutterstock

Barcelona is a hotspot that is host to many high-end restaurants, rooftop bars and delicious tapas joints. Azul Rooftop Barceloneta is owned by Barcelona’s beloved Michelin-starred chef. If you’re looking for a luxury food hall experience with a variety of choices, go to El Nacional. For more low-key yet boujee dining experience, visit Arte for their fancy tapas.

This Spanish city melds culinary finesse with cultural vibrancy, creating a wonderfully unique backdrop for a girls’ trip. You can wander through the Gothic Quarter, checking out the many boutiques and admiring the architecture of Gaudí that accents the cityscape. Evening brings the city to life where you and your friends will find a vibrant nightlife and enjoy tapas and live music in bustling squares.

8. Paris

Versalles Palace Paris, France
Image Credit: ReoromART/Shutterstock

The word luxury has always been associated with Paris. Even just finding a café to drink coffee and people-watch feels fancier than normal. Stay at the five-star Hotel Costes where you and your girl friends will be treated like royalty. Stroll through Chateau de Versailles or Jardin du Luxembourg to channel your inner queens. Paris may be the City of Love, but you and your gal pals will love spending a boujee getaway drinking in the beautiful Parisian culture!

9. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Holland Netherlands
Image Credit: alessia_penny90/Shutterstock

Amsterdam has more to offer than weed and the red-light district. You and your friends can enjoy a fancy dinner with a four-course menu while touring Amsterdam’s famous canals. If you want to get to know the city more, why not do it in a horse-pulled carriage which you can book with your friends? You can also learn how diamonds are made by doing a guided tour at Gassan Diamonds.

The city’s charm extends to its rich art scene, where visits to the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum offer a glimpse into the masterpieces of Dutch and world art. Numerous parks, like Vondelpark, provide a serene escape with beautiful gardens and open-air cafés, perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

10. Scotland

Edinburgh castle, Scotland
Image Credit: TTstudio/Shutterstock

Luxury is found in Scotland in the form of beautiful scenery, majestic castles, and fine whiskey. Outlander fans can plan a getaway trip in the form of a luxury tour of Scotland. Stay in the 5-star Balmoral Hotel while exploring the breath-taking highlands. Enjoy afternoon tea while soaking up a view of Stirling Castle in Edinburgh.

Indulge in a whiskey tasting session at one of Scotland’s renowned distilleries, learning about the craft and history behind this iconic drink. Experience the local culture by attending a traditional Scottish ceilidh, offering a fun and lively evening of folk music and dance with your friends.

11. Marrakech

Lavish hotels in Marrakesh, Morocco
Image Credit: CherylRamalho/Shutterstock

Marrakech is filled with lavish hotels and atractions that will make you and your gal pals fall in love with Morocco. Sunday brunch feels more luxurious when you’re having it at Selman Marrakech, with its beautiful architecture and Arabian thoroughbred show. Visit the fascinating Majorelle Garden or even take a hot air balloon ride for that girl bonding experience to remember.

Explore the bustling souks of Marrakech, where the vibrant colors, exotic spices, and handmade crafts offer an unforgettable shopping experience. After a day of adventure, you and your friends can unwind in a traditional Moroccan hammam, indulging in a relaxing spa treatment that rejuvenates the body and mind.

12. Toronto

Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Image Credit: maxi_kore/Shutterstock

Don’t overlook Toronto when it comes to planning a girls’ trip. There are tons of boujee things to do in this bustling multicultural city of Canada. You and your girls can book a scenic helicopter tour of the city or opt to dine in one of the luxury restaurants like Stratus, Canoe or Harbor 60 Toronto. You can even visit Casa Loma, a 98-room castle located in the middle of the city.

13. New York City

SoHo district in Manhattan, New York
Image Credit: Nick Starichenko/Shutterstock

New York City is known as a cultural melting pot in the United States. It’s popular for its upscale restaurants where celebrity chefs cater to celebrities. Visit the iconic Raoul’s in SoHo, try out the omakase menu at Yakitori Torishin, or pretend you and your friends are heiresses while dining at Le Coucou.

As for things to do, you’ll run out of time way before you’ll run out of options in New York City. Take in a Broadway show (or two!), visit some of the most iconic buildings in the world or take a river cruise to the Statue of Liberty. You’ll fill your days with as much boujee-ness as your heart’s desire.

14. Las Vegas

Las Vegas Casino interior
Image Credit: HannaTor/Shutterstock

Las Vegas is a heyday for a girls’ weekend, brimming with glamour and exclusive experiences. Indulge in luxurious dining, upscale shopping, and dazzling shows, crafting an electrifying backdrop for every moment.

Step away from the casino life to unwind in gardens at the Wynn or admire contemporary art at CityCenter. Perfect for a girls’ getaway, Las Vegas blends high-energy fun with relaxing retreats, making every weekend unforgettable. Seriously, this list wouldn’t be complete without putting Las Vegas on it.

15. Austin

Resort and Spa in Austin, Texas
Image Credit: EQRoy/Shutterstock

Austin, Texas is becoming the cultural hub of the south. Other than live music and interesting museums, there are many upscale local breweries and wineries to visit. You can even discover several speakeasies like Garage and Midnight Cowboy along the way! If you’re looking for more relaxation and less city activities, head over to the all-inclusive Lake Austin Spa Resort or Kalahari Resort just outside of Austin. There are so many options for activities with the girls to choose from.

The vibe here is as diverse as the city itself, offering something for every taste. You’ll find Instagram worthy murals and plenty of boutique shops and if the weather is warm (and it usually is) enjoy the tranquil waters of Barton Springs Pool. It’s the perfect playground for a girls’ weekend, blending arts, outdoors, and nightlife to create a uniquely memorable experience. Austin may be weird, but it doesn’t have to be that weird!

16. Miami

Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach Sunny Isles Miami
Image Credit: Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

There are plenty of luxurious places to visit and activities to do in Miami. Book a day of relaxation at the exquisite Acqualina Spa or go on a shopping spree in Bal Harbour. If the girls want to drive around the city in style, rent a luxury car with Lou La Vie or spend a day on a yacht with Monet Yachts. Miami also offers many fine dining experiences which are rooted in the Latin-American community that populates the city.

Miami’s allure extends to its art scene and beautiful beaches, making it a fabulous destination for a girls’ getaway. Wander through the streets of Wynwood to admire the murals, or lounge on the sands of South Beach. Miami’s dynamic mix of luxury, culture, and natural beauty creates the perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation with friends.

17. Palm Springs

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Image Credit: Kate Scott/Shutterstock

Low-key and boujee are two words that best describe Palm Springs. This spot is a great place to enjoy golfing and spa treatments with the girls. There’s also a chance that you could get invited to a wild pool party. But if you and your friends are more into nature, Joshue Tree National Park and the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway are close enough to see some of the wonders of Palm Springs.

18. Key West

Key West
Image Credit: Stockdonkey/Shutterstock

Key West has always been considered a paradise and has been host to many girls’ trips. If you want to upgrade the trip from the regular beach activities, go for a sunset sail on a schooner or an island tour via seaplane. The colorful streets of Key West are also home to high-end boutiques and fun souvenir stores. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a girls’weekend beach getaway to a Key West, Florida.

19. Napa Valley

Napa Valley
Image Credit: PR Image Factory/Shutterstock

When we think of Napa Valley, we think of wine country. What is more boujee than tasting the good life in a glass of delicious wine? Napa Valley is home to hundreds of wineries for you and your friends to explore. Enjoy a fragrant red or a fruity rosé while hanging out in a beautiful chateau at Domaine Carneros. Learn about the gravity flow winery at Quintessa. There are many unique winery experiences to choose from while in Napa Valley.

Napa’s charm isn’t just in its wine but also in its serene landscapes and luxurious spas, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle. Take a hot air balloon ride at dawn for breathtaking views of the valley, followed by a spa day that pampers and revitalizes. Napa Valley provides an idyllic setting for a girls’ getaway, blending the art of winemaking with the tranquility of nature.

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