How to afford your dream vacation

Are you dreaming of adventure and travel, but the idea of how much a vacation costs stops you from planning one? You’re been trying to figure out how to afford your dream vacation, but it seems impossibly out of reach right now.

Maybe one of these sounds familiar to you:

You have discretionary money to spend on vacation once you get there, but the cost of the flight and hotel seem impossible to pay for.

You’re making ends meet, but there doesn’t seem to be any extra money in your budget to afford your dream vacation.

You can afford to spend your money on vacation, but you feel like there are other things more important you should use your money for.

Using points and miles to pay for hotels and flights is a great way to  afford a vacation
What adventure would you go on if you knew you could afford it?

We teach people how to take amazing vacations for very little money…sometimes even completely free!

We’re also big fans of using credit card miles and points to pay for flights and hotels.

We’ve stayed in luxury, all-inclusive resorts for absolutely zero dollars and flown across the country and internationally for free! You do still have to pay tax/fees on free flights, but domestic flights are only $11.20 round trip. That’s practically free! Tax/fees on international flights depend on the airport you’re flying out of, but it’s still far less than actually buying the ticket.

If you’re not ready or able to take advantage of credit card bonuses, we’ve still got you covered.

We’ve been coaching families on how to create (and stick to) a budget for years!

Rodney and Karee enjoying a completely free vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Let me tell you a bit about us.

We’re a family of eight and we don’t have an endless amount of time for traveling. When we do go on vacations, we want them to be amazing, memory-filled adventures! We figured out how to afford to take our dream vacations and now we’re planning five to six super fun trips every year.

We’re committed to helping others take the steps needed to plan and afford dream vacations. (Hopefully, more than one!)

How to afford your dream vacation

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