12 Facts That Are Super Cool to Know

Whether you’re a fan of the bizarre and unbelievable or crave insights from random places, this collection of intriguing facts will keep you hooked.

Dead Skin Cells in Household Dust

Each hour, humans shed approximately 200 million skin cells, and when we’re indoors, these cells settle as dust.

Sudan’s Pyramids Surpass Egypt

While Egypt has around 138 pyramids, Sudan leaves them in the dust with a staggering count of approximately 255 pyramids.

The Philippines’ Island Abundance

The Philippines is an archipelago comprising a whopping 7,641 islands. This count doesn’t even include the numerous sandbars and landforms that emerge during low tide.

Trans-Siberian Railway Bridge Adventure

The Trans-Siberian Railway is not only Russia’s longest but also the world’s longest railroad. From start to finish, this incredible journey takes seven days and crosses eight different time zones.

The Original Oranges Were Green

The first oranges, originating from Southeast Asia, were actually green. Interestingly, in warmer regions like Vietnam and Thailand, oranges still maintain their green color even when fully mature.

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