12 Everyday Items That Hold Surprising Value

If you’re looking to make some extra money, skip the MLM. Look instead to the well-cared-for possessions of your youth.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are an affordable toy that provides hours of fun to kids, especially the ones who love cars and trucks. They can be driven on most surfaces, from linoleum to siblings’ faces.

Star Wars Action Figures

No one is more passionate than a Star Wars fan. Star Wars has an impressive amount of merchandise released over the years, from Lego figurines to Barbie dolls and more.


Comic books are a big part of many people’s childhoods. Of course, first issues and first editions of comic books will always net a pretty penny online, but many factors drive up the value of comic books.

Hood Ornaments

You might be surprised to see how much you can sell just one piece of a classic car for. For example, Rolls Royce hood ornaments sold for over $200 in 2021.

Board Games

If you have older, well-kept board games with all of their pieces, you might be able to earn some cash. Vintage games can sell for thousands of dollars.

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