10 Unforgettable Movies Everyone Should See at Least Once

Schindler’s List

Based on the true story of Oskar Schindler, who aided in the refuge of Jews during World War II. While he might have just been a rough businessman, he couldn’t just sit back and watch the persecution.

The Breakfast Club

A lovable comedy that follows a group of teens from different groups who find themselves in detention together. Opposites don’t just attract; they teach each other and help with other problems.

2001: Space Odyssey

This might have come out in 1968, but the AI known as HAL in this film makes it enjoyable even in the 21st century. As humans travel deeper into space to discover their origins, HAL takes on a mind of its own.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Singing, Dancing, Tim Curry, what’s not to love about this classic film? The story follows a straight-laced Brad and Janet as they seek help for a flat tire at cross-dressing Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion full of interesting characters.

Jaws (1975)

Before Shark Week, there was Jaws, a movie about the battle between man and nature. This movie has even the strongest of people questioning their next boating adventure and has inspired countless shark-related films since.

The Godfather

No must-watch list is complete without this movie. Commonly regarded as one of the best films of all time, Godfather follows a mob family as they battle to maintain their place.

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