10 Movies You Need to See if You’re a James Bond Fan

If you’re a movie re-watcher, you may be longing for a new source to scratch that secret agent itch. Check out our list of 10 movies to watch if you’re a James Bond fan.

1. “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”

This 2011 Cold War thriller features the direction of Tomas Alfredson and stars Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Tom Hardy. It’s a twisty adventure that involves British Intelligence, betrayal, rogue agents, and much more.

2. “Mission: Impossible”

With eight films in the can, the Mission Impossible universe grows ever larger and provides plenty of action-packed secret agent charm. Helmed by Tom Cruise, the series is based on Bruce Geller’s 1966 TV series.

3.  Jack Reacher

Another Tom Cruise-fronted secret agent movie? What can we say? He’s really good at these kinds of thrillers! He’s an ex-Army investigator who gets involved in a mass shooting case in this movie, and it brings all the intrigue and car chases you could want.

4. “The Bourne Identity”

This 2002 film starring Matt Damon is action-packed from start to finish. Damon’s character wakes up in a fishing boat with amnesia and has to piece his life back together while enemies he doesn’t remember are trying to kill him.

5. “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

This movie series is also based on the British secret intelligence service, but it’s kind of cranked up to 11. Rated R, this movie features more violence, cursing, and dirty humor while also taking some very loving shots at the Bond movies.

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