9 Signs You’re Smarter Than Average and Three Signs You’re Not

Do you think you’re smarter than most of the population? Check out these signs to see if you make the cut or if you should go back to school.

You’re a Lefty

Southpaws rejoice! Left-handedness used to be considered a sign you were destined to be a criminal, but a new study links it to “divergent thinking,” which is a creative way to come up with new ideas from a challenge.

You’re a Night Owl

Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary scientist, did a study in 2009 that was released in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. He looked at the link between a person’s IQ when they were young and how they slept.

You’re Messy

University of Minnesota professor Kathleen Vohs says that the more chaotic you are, the smarter you are. In a study by Vohs that was released in Psychological Science, two groups were asked to come up with different ways to use Ping-Pong balls.

You’re the Oldest Kid in Your Family

A study of 250,000 Norwegians that was released in Science magazine found that the average IQ of the eldest child was 2.3 points better than that of the youngest child. Environment and how the family works are to blame, not genes.

You’re Naturally Curious

Learning is enjoyable; the more you do it, the brighter you will become. According to research conducted at London’s Goldsmiths College, one of the most important factors in developing one’s mind is “how people invest their time and effort in their intellect”

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