50 Best Birthday Freebies You Need to Know About

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Your birthday is a time when loved ones shower you with gifts, but it’s also an opportunity to enjoy special treats from your favorite businesses that you’ve been loyal to over the years. These businesses understand the value of your patronage and are eager to make your day even more memorable.

Birthday Freebies Just Waiting to be Claimed

Birthday Freebies
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If you’re on the hunt for fantastic birthday freebies, coupons, and discounts, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of businesses that offer the very best to their customers on their special day. So go ahead, seize the opportunity and grab the offers that suit you best. Your birthday just got even more exciting

Foodie Birthday Treats

Foodie Birthday Treats
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Take your birthday as a special time to indulge in your favorite treats, or perhaps discovering new ones! If birthday cake isn’t your thing, there are plenty of enticing options awaiting you, from free popcorn and pretzels to mouthwatering burritos, delectable waffles, and savory wings. 

Here are some freebies you want to keep in mind for when it is your big day. 

  1. Free slice of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory
  2. BOGO Blizzard coupon from Dairy Queen
  3. Free pretzel from Auntie Anne’s
  4. Free burrito at Moe’s Southwest Grill
  5. Complimentary large popcorn at AMC Theatres
  6. Free pastry at Panera Bread
  7. Choice of free treats for Chick-fil-A One members, including cookies and sandwiches. 

More Goodies For The Gourmands

theater popcorn
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Looking for more treats? While Mcdonald’s and Dunkin’ no longer give birthday freebies, there are still more companies that offer something to celebrate you turning a year older. 

Check out these:

  1. Free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. Bang Bang Shrimp fromBonefish Grill
  3. A doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

Thirst-Quenching Birthday Delights

Slurpee from 7Eleven
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Leaning more towards the drinks? Here are some free delights that can make your birthday even much better:

  1. Free Slurpee from 7-Eleven
  2. Free smoothie at Jamba Juice
  3. Complimentary coffee at Peet’s Coffee
  4. Free root beer float at A&W Restaurants
  5. Your choice of a free drink or food item at Starbucks
  6. Free regular Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze at Taco Bell

More Hydration For Your Big Day

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More options to quench your thirst? Be sure to grab your favorites from these:

  1. Arby’s birthday milkshake
  2. Free beverage of your choice from Caribou Coffee
  3. Regular-size shake from del Taco
  4. Free drink of choice from Biggby Coffee
  5. Medium-sized classic smoothie from Juice it Up

Beauty Bliss on Your Birthday

Beauty Bliss on Your Birthday
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Beauty and hygiene products can be very expensive. This is why you should take advantage of your birthday and get some of your frequently used items for free. 

Here are a few pieces you just have to get on your special day:

  1. Nourishing composition oil from Aveda
  2. Must-have mini set with a qualifying purchase from Sephora
  3. Free brow arch from Benefit Cosmetics
  4. Limited-edition gift with a $50 purchase at L’Occitane
  5. $3 ExtraBucks rewards from CVS

More Beauty Bliss Freebies

More Beauty Bliss Freebies
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  1. Sample-size birthday gift from Bare Minerals
  2. Free birthday gifts from Clinique, Smashbox, and Urban Decay
  3. $10 coupon from European Wax Center
  4. Free gift and an in-store treatment from Blue Mercury.
  5. Free gift, and double points for any purchase made from Mac cosmetics

Free Entertainment for Your Birthday

Birthday party
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Your birthday is a time to have a blast. While at it, be sure to seek these free entertainment options from your favorite business:

  1. Legoland: Celebrate with a free birthday button at Legoland.
  2. Disney Movie Insiders Club: Earn 25 birthday bonus points as a member.
  3. Dave & Buster’s: Enjoy free $10 game play on your birthday.
  4. Disney World: Receive a free birthday button for your visit to the magical world of Disney.
  5. Harkins Theatres: Enjoy a $5 birthday-treat award to enhance your movie experience.

More Free Entertainment Goodies

Free big day entertainment
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As if that wasn’t enough, here are five more entertainment-related freebies for your big day.

  1. Disney Movie Insiders Club: Earn 25 birthday bonus points as a member.
  2. Redbox: Receive a free $2 reward to enjoy a movie night on your special day.
  3. Nickelodeon: Your kids (or the kid at heart) can receive a free birthday phone call from their favorite character
  4. Chuck E. Cheese: Receive birthday and half-birthday rewards, plus 500 tickets upon signing up.
  5. Medieval Times: Enjoy free admission once during your entire birthday month for a royal experience.

Retail Rewards for Your Special Day

bonding moments and laughing together while loading shopping bags in the car trunk.
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You can get some big discounts from different retailers on your birthday, or sometimes during your birthday month. 

If there’s an item you’ve been wanting for ages, your birthday is the best time to order it. Just remember to ask for your birthday discount!

These are some great places to hunt for birthday discounts:

  1. Discounts ranging from 15% to 25% at American Eagle/Aerie, based on RealRewards status
  2. 50% off one item during your birthday month at Kendra Scott
  3. 25% off an item of your choice at H&M
  4. $10 Kohl’s Cash from Kohl’s
  5. 20% off your entire purchase at The Paper Store for both your birthday and half-birthday
  6. 10% off your online order at Petco
  7. Coupon valid for a toy or treat at Petsmart
  8. Family coupon for in-store shopping, free coffee or tea while shopping in Ikea
  9. 5% off your entire purchase from Target

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