9 Jobs for People Who Like Traveling (And 3 to Avoid)

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Gone are the days when people had to quit their jobs only to globetrot for a hot minute before embarking on the job hunt again. While many people still do this, there is undoubtedly a better way to juggle between working and traveling. You can find jobs that let you travel and explore different places while making money. Simply put, if you like traveling, you may want to consider getting into careers that are accommodating to wanderlusters.  

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant
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Flight attendants can explore different cities and countries during their layovers. With some ticking off over 70 countries in their career, this is an excellent opportunity to get to see the world without worrying about the cost of flight tickets and hotel rooms. 

Many airlines also allow flight attendants to fly select family and friends for free. So, depending on the circumstances, as a flight attendant, you can fly with your loved ones to see the world together. 


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Teaching in public schools is one of the professions with the most extended paid holidays. Teachers can travel all through the school holidays and check off destinations on their bucket lists. 

Alternatively, they could also take jobs teaching English as a second language in different continents and countries that do not speak English as their native language. 

Many teachers have been able to see a lot of countries in Europe and Asia on a budget courtesy of working as an English as a second language teacher. 

Event Managers 

Event Managers 
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Some event managers get a chance to travel to different destinations to execute their clients’ expectations. It could be for conferences, festivals, destination weddings and birthdays, and group tours. 

The role of event organizers typically involves finding and closing deals on venues, finding service providers that match the client’s budget and specifications, and being the bridge between the client and service providers to ensure expectations are met. 

Travel Nursing 

nurse in uniform
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If you’re a nurse with wanderlust, travel nursing could be your ticket to adventure. Imagine swapping your regular clinic for a new one in a different city every few months. You’d do all the vital work you’re trained for—like running tests, checking in on patients, and giving out meds—while also soaking up new sights and experiences. It’s the same nursing gig, just with ever-changing backdrops. Why stay put when you could get paid to travel?

Tour Guide

tour guide with crowd
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Tour guides are local experts who lead travelers through historical sites, vibrant markets, museums, and hidden gems. Their role entails weaving tales that bring destinations to life, enhancing travelers’ understanding and appreciation of the places they visit.

As a tour guide, you will travel to different sites and destinations in your country while mingling with people who like traveling like you.  


Rear view of confident male pilot showing his thumb up and smiling while sitting in cockpit
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Guiding passengers safely to their destinations, pilots experience the thrill of takeoffs and landings while having the unique opportunity to explore various cities during layovers. Their profession melds technical skills with a sense of adventure. 

If you love the thrill of being in the cockpit and flying across different destinations, consider attending flying school and later getting your flying license. 


woman with camera
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Stagehands travel and see the world during tours or productions in different countries. Many roles are involved, such as those in charge of sound, video, production, props, and photography. Their role is typically backstage, ensuring the whole production becomes a success. 

When not in action or rehearsals, you will get an opportunity to step out and explore the new production destination while not worrying about the costs of accommodation and flights. 

Truck Driver 

truck driver
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Truck drivers drive semi-trucks and large vehicles to deliver merchandise and goods across different regions. Some truck driver positions may involve driving across different countries over and over. 

The whole job may feel like a road trip, all while working. If you do not mind long work hours or being away from home for quite some time, you may want to consider getting work as a truck driver. 

Construction Manager 

construction workers
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Construction managers travel to different building sites around the globe, ensuring structures come to life. Being a construction manager can be a rewarding infusion of work and travel, as quite often, larger projects involve traveling to sites to ensure project expectations are met. Besides overseeing the architectural design, you may oversee the budget and the transportation construction crew. Simply put, you may travel with your co-workers, which can be much more fun. 

Jobs to Avoid if You Love Traveling

worried woman
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Some jobs can be very demanding for the workers. The workers barely have time for their families, let alone traveling. If you love traveling and would like to take some time off work and explore the world, you want to avoid these three jobs. 


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Anesthesiologists have rigorous schedules and responsibilities at work. They work long hours, sometimes on call or a rotational basis, and often have to take night and weekend shifts. The schedule can also get unpredictable, with hours as few as 35 or even 80 on the higher side. With this uncertainty, deciding to even take short day trips becomes difficult. While they get paid vacation time, booking a trip and flying to that dream destination may not always work out. 

Medical Surgeon

a senior doctor is looking at some ideas with a nurse . They are using stick notes on a glass display board in a medical meeting environment.
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Just like anesthesiologists, medical surgeons typically have very tight schedules. Many of them work irregular hours, which include overnight shifts and regularly being on call. Additionally, many of them are booked in for surgeries for months and months in advance. 

While they may have the money to travel and see the world, they may not have the time and the needed flexibility. 

Plant Operator 

Plant Operator 
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The job of plant operator requires them to constantly be on site. They work long hours, typically need to step in for colleagues, and take off-hour shifts such as nighttime and on weekends. This is especially the case for plants that operate 24/7 and need professionals to be on-site to oversee the operations. Getting free time to fly out for vacation can be problematic. 

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