Hands Down the Laziest Way to Make Extra Cash

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Many will say nothing feels as good as an honest day of hard work. But those who know how to make easy extra cash on the side know that sometimes the low-effort “couch potato-esque” methods can yield some equally excellent results – if you know where to look.
If you’re intrigued about how to start doing less and making more, here are ten ways to make cash on the side that feel nothing like work so you can spend more time at play.

Watch Videos

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There’s a good chance you’re already doing this, but did you know you could get paid for it? Redirect your attention to websites that pay you for watching their ads to make quick cash. There’s a big market for this, it’s shockingly simple to get started, and now you can put that time you’d otherwise be scrolling social media to good use!

Fill Out Online Surveys

Online Surveys
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If you’re both opinionated and love to lounge around, reviewing products and filling out surveys is right up your alley. You can fill out some of these surveys lightning fast, and there are multiple platforms you can sign up for that will pay for your opinion. This method is more of a numbers game but so simple that it could be worth your time.


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Are you a fast typer? While it’s not lazy for your fingers, the rest of your body can relax while you do some simple online typing tasks. Many of these gigs are highly flexible and don’t require additional education; you just need speedy fingers, good accuracy, and you’re set to start raking in cash.

Watch TV

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Did you know there’s a job where you get to watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries all day? It’s called being an editorial analyst, which is basically a fancy name for a streaming platform connoisseur. You’ll watch different shows and help whatever streaming service you sign up to categorize them correctly.

Pet Sitting

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Sure, some pets might be a handful. But if you’re a fan of spending time with the furry family members of others, pet sitting could be the easiest money you’ll ever make. If you’re already a pet owner, you likely know what you’re getting yourself into: a few moments of exertion through walking or playing and then a lot of lying around and doing nothing. For the extra lazy, considerexclusively house-sitting instead; there are no animals to look after, just a lot of lying around and making money.

Rent Out Your Space

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Being a landlord isn’t for the lazy, but renting out a space is. Garages, parking spaces, or spare rooms are all in high demand for people in your area to use as they see fit. If you have a space you’re willing to part with, you could make hundreds of dollars of passive income every month without ever lifting a finger.

Just Sleep

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You read that right: the ultimate lazy person luxury is taking a nap. But what if you could get paid for it? Many cities have sleep study facilities looking to hire people just like you to come in and nap while they observe you. If you can get past a few people watching you take a nap, this might be one of the laziest and most lucrative ways to make cash on the side.

Download Apps

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Provided you have some free space on your phone, you have something companies will pay you for. Many app developers are itching to have new users download and use their app to help iron out bugs and get feedback, and many will pay you for it. It’s not always direct cash, but even gift cards or cash back can add up, especially if you don’t have to do much to earn it.

Drink Beer

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You’ve heard of secret shoppers, now get ready to become a Secret Hopper. If you’re a beer lover, Secret Hopper is the dream gig where you get paid to try beers at local breweries. It won’t necessarily keep the lights on, but it can cover the tab with some spare change and fits the bill by having the peak laziness factor.

Take On Simple Virtual Tasks

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Apps like TaskRabbit are always hiring go-getters to help others tackle odd jobs. But they’re also interested in here-stayers like you who can get a lot done from the comfort of their bed. Virtual tasks like personal assistance or research aren’t always simple, but since you can do them without standing up, they’re still perfect for the lazy. It’s also one of the better-paying options on the list, with some users making over $1000 a week taking on odd jobs.

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