10 Unnecessary Travel Habits People Can’t Seem to Break

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Do you have a travel habit that follows you on each trip? Mine is booking a return flight while on a trip. I possess a more lax manner about my return flights, which may be due to my constant traveling, but by waiting until a few days before the flight, I spend a lot more that could go into other trips. Here are ten habits tourists cannot break, according to the internet, no matter how hard they try.

1. Walking Too Fast

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A few travelers say the number one habit they can’t shake is the inability to slow down. Instead of implementing a steady stroll through new territory, they opt for a quick jot. You’re on vacation! What’s the rush?

2. Never Taking a Taxi

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When you’re young and pressed for money, you find the cheapest route from point A to point B. We’ve all been there. While that tactic saves money, one user says they’ve conditioned themselves to avoid taxis at all costs, leading them to navigate dangerous areas and adding hours of walking to their day.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

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Always make sure you have a water bottle on you. Even if you aren’t traveling, staying hydrated is essential, especially in the summer heat. I almost passed out on a recent hike because I did not hydrate enough before the desert trek. Avoid making the same mistake and quench your thirst.

4. Bringing Too Many Activities

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When packing for a trip, do you throw in several books, coloring books, and electronics, etc. or do you limit yourself to one fun activity? One user shares that they bring too many activities to fill their time out of fear they will have too much free time on the trip and get bored. By doing that, you don’t force yourself to search out new discoveries on your trip.

5. Overpacking

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Overpacking is a curse. What will you do if you forget that beautiful dress you plan to wear to the delicious sushi restaurant? But remember, since you’re bringing the dress, you need the heels, and the heels only look good with the necklace and the blue handbag. You get the idea. One seasoned traveler says they can’t escape their tendency to overpack and don’t think they ever will.

6. Overplanning

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Overplanning is similar to overpacking. A jet setter expresses that they fill their itineraries with as many activities as possible but start their day well before sunrise, making them overtired and irritable for the rest of the day.

7. Not Relaxing


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Travel guides won’t tell you this, but relaxing is one of the best parts of a vacation. Yes, the voice in your head will continue to nag you to get out of the hotel and explore, but make sure you provide yourself with appropriate time to rest. Enjoy the hotel amenities and soak in your surroundings to recharge for your busy itinerary.

8. Listening to Fear

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Fear is always present, do it anyways. “Getting scared, talking myself out of cool things, and sitting in the hotel instead,” a globe trotter admits to their negative travel habit.

9. Getting to the Airport Too Early

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you do not need to get to the airport four hours early. Two hours before a flight is plenty of time to check your bag, walk through security, and grab a snack at a gift shop.

My dad travels between Texas and Florida for work, and each time he arrives at the airport four hours before his flight, thanks to his insurmountable travel anxiety. So he ends up lounging in the airport for countless hours, usually for a delayed flight.

10. Underspending and Missing Out

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“I would say that I tend to be a terrible judge of balance between convenience, money, and time. I tend to undervalue my comfort in order to save money and end up having a miserable experience, knowing full well how crappy it was last time.

I’ve spent nights on dusty floors in tiny airports, endured an 18-hour bus ride across Ukraine, and flown 5-leg flights without a break. Did I save money? Yes. But it also made me grumpy, irritated, and tired, putting a damper on my trip. I need to chill out just a tiny bit and put a dollar value on my time and comfort. Paying for a night in a hotel isn’t the end of the world,” a frequent flyer claims.

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