Overly Hyped and Too Expensive: These 12 Things Aren’t Worth the Money

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“You get what you pay for” isn’t always true. There are a lot of examples of things that cost more than they’re worth thanks to hype, popularity, or other factors. Some of them are everyday things we rarely think twice about. Let’s look at 12 things that aren’t worth the money so you can save that money or spend it on something with better value.

1. Expensive Concert Tickets

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When did concert tickets get so expensive? Some of us remember when it cost around $20 to see a popular band or artist play. Then prices went way up, not gradually but all of a sudden, and now it can cost hundreds of dollars or more for a ticket.

2. Destinations That Are Pricey Because of Popularity, Not Quality

Niagara Falls
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Otherwise known as tourist traps, these are places that charge high prices not because of an exceptional experience but because they’re popular. Places like Niagara Falls, big theme parks, and Graceland come to mind.

3. Unlimited-Data Plans

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Unlimited data sounds great, especially if you’ve ever hit your monthly limit and had to pay extra for additional data. However, most people don’t use more than 5 GB of data per month, and if that describes you, you might be throwing money away for an unlimited plan.

4. Boats and RVs

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Unless you live on the water or go camping a lot, boats and RVs are money pits. They’re expensive to start with, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to maintenance, you have storage to pay for since most neighborhoods don’t allow long-term storage on properties. You’ll also have to buy trailer equipment for boats and non-motorized RVs. It’s actually much cheaper to rent a boat or RV once in a while than to own one that you don’t use that much.

5. Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet Coffee
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There’s no denying that Starbucks and other gourmet brands taste good, but if you’re a frequent customer, take some time to look at what you’re spending each week, month, and year. It really adds up, and if your main need is the caffeine jolt, there are a lot of cheaper coffee options.

6. Fire Pits

Fire Pits
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Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire outside on a chilly night? Fire pits are great, but the problem is that they aren’t cheap and that after the initial thrill wears off, you probably won’t use them that often.

7. Name-Brand Items

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There’s nothing wrong with buying name-brand items sometimes, but try to avoid falling into the trap of buying them all the time. Usually, generic brands look just as good, perform just as well, and last just as long for a lot less money.

8. Pool Tables

Pool Tables
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Like boats, RVs, and fire pits, pool tables are a lot of fun at first and then tend to fall into disuse or infrequent use. Then you’re stuck with a huge, expensive piece of “furniture” that’s really difficult to remove.

9. The Newest Smartphone

Newest Smartphone
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Apple is particularly notorious for this, but it’s common for companies to come out with a brand-new version of its top smartphone before you’ve finished paying for the current “new” one you have. Avoid the temptation and get the most you can from your current phone.

10. Top-Shelf Alcohol

Alcohol in Bars
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If you were blindfolded and tasted 3 brands of whiskey, one a budget brand, another a moderately priced one, and the third a high-end brand, would you really be able to tell them apart? Unless you can, avoid top-shelf alcohol even if you can afford it.

11. Restaurant Wine

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This is a tough one to accept since wine is often such a great accompaniment to a meal and the mood. However, the first time you’re in a store and see a wine you paid 4 or 5 times the price for in a restaurant, you might start considering BYOB restaurants or just going without.

12. Cable TV

cable tv
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There was a time when cable was the only viable option for network TV for most people. As a result, cable companies could charge what they wanted and get away with poor customer service. Today, streaming and other internet options give you plenty of ways to cut the cord and send the cable companies some well-deserved comeuppance.

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