All-Time Top 10 Christmas Movies You Simply Must See

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What do you think is the number one Christmas movie of all time? Of course, there are many contenders, and it’s nearly impossible to choose, but the internet created this top ten list for holiday entertainment.

10. Love Actually (2003)

love actually
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Love Actually came in at the number ten spot. It’s a Christmas classic with several stories interwoven into a bigger picture. It’s one of my favorite films, regardless of holiday status, BUT there is a lot of inappropriateness for children viewers to avoid.

Someone shared, “I had only seen Love Actually on TV before, so when I saw it on Netflix, I told my conservative, Christian mother that it was great and we should watch it. I had no idea what a mistake I had made.”

“So imagine my surprise when it got to the parts with Martin Freeman, who I hadn’t even known was in the movie due to edits for TV.” He is a stand-in for adult movies for those not in the know. So full nudity is involved. It’s the opposite of every Hallmark Christmas movie you’ve ever seen. 

9. The Santa Clause (1994)

the santa clause
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The Santa Clause,” one replied. “Tim Allen is iconic. Plus, I love the 90s decor and fashion. The kid’s bedroom looks so cozy.” A second said, “This one probably gives me the most nostalgia. I loved watching that movie as a kid and still watch it every Christmas.”

“I’m nearly 53, and my heart still skips when people recognize him as the real Santa,” another confessed. “The Santa Clause,” another agreed. “The idea that you could just become Santa was enthralling when I was a kid. It was a cool concept. Plus, those extreme elves were super 90’s cool, elves with attitude.”

8. A Christmas Story (1983)

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A Christmas Story, this isn’t a debate,” replied one. Another admitted, “I’m shocked that it’s this far down the list. It’s my only annual must-watch Christmas movie.” Several people agreed that this is the best film, hence why it is in twenty-four-hour play loops during the holidays. 

Others argued that – that is why they don’t care for it as much, overplayed. Still, others insisted it’s the best. One added, “Also, A Christmas Story Christmas, which stars Billingsley, was released recently on HBO Max.” Another said, “Not just Billingsley, but all the original kids. That’s wild! And it’s good!”

7. Elf (2003)

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No, we aren’t talking about The Elf on the Shelf! The film is a fun family favorite. Elf. I love this movie so much. Will Ferrell’s humor isn’t always for me, but he’s so innocent and hilarious in this movie. Even years later, I watch it every year multiple times,” someone admitted. 

“This is the answer,” a second commenter agreed. “Such a tough choice, but this movie has everything. Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story are honorable mentions, but Elf is super funny and sweet.” Finally, a third volunteered, “In my house, when someone’s crabby, we call them a South Pole Elf.”

6. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

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“It’s damn near 100 years old, but It’s a Wonderful Life still does it for me. It’s one of my top three movies of all time. Jimmy Stewart is unparalleled. He showed so much emotion at a time when men were discouraged from doing so.”

“It’s an all-around good Christmas movie with excellent actors, beautiful sets, and an important message. Loving other people is more important than having the most gifts,” one shared. Another added, “You don’t have a soul if that movie doesn’t move you.” Several people agreed it was the number one Christmas film of all time, and “It’s not even a close contest.”

5. Die Hard (1988)

die hard bruce willis
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Look, we can argue all day about this one, but the truth is Die Hard is recognized by many as a Christmas classic. Someone confirmed, “There are two types of people, people who say Die Hard is a Christmas film and people who are wrong.” 

A few people expressed Die Hard being a tradition in their families. So naturally, many people argued that it wasn’t a Christmas film but a story that takes place at Christmas time. However, both are available on Disney+, and they even list Die Hard as a holiday movie.”

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” another shared. “We always watched it while putting up and decorating the tree when I was a kid, which is a tradition I have carried on in my home now.” Several others agreed it is a tradition in their homes. And I’ll add, it is in my home as well.

Additionally, many quoted their favorite lines from the film, “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewed to the carpet, I wouldn’t be any more surprised than I am right now.” And, “Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?”

3. Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer (1964)


“That stop-motion Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie,” one said. A second added, “Rudolph is number one, but all the claymation Christmas movies are top-notch nostalgia bombs for me.” 

However, others joked, “You mean the one where Santa laughs off the abuse and bullying and is super cruel to Rudolph until he needs a favor. They need Rudolph to help because girls can’t.” 

Another stated, “The one where the misfit bird clearly says he can’t fly, but during the ending credits, when the elves are tossing toys out of the sleigh with parachutes, they look at the bird and yeet it overboard without care. RIP to the bird who couldn’t fly.” 

Finally, one added, “The elves even look at each other and shrug before throwing the bird that can’t fly out without a parachute. I don’t know what that poor bird did to them.”

2. The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)

the muppets christmas carol
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios.

The Muppets Christmas Carol,” shared one. “Not just a great Christmas film, not even just the best adaption of A Christmas Carol but probably one of the best feel-good films of all time. I will see it in a month with a live orchestra, and I can’t bloody wait!”

Another agreed, “It’s a brilliant adaptation altogether – and Michael Caine’s performance is beautiful. He could’ve played it for jokes, but his Scrooge is genuine. I love the film so much. It’s so moving when it needs to be and silly when it’s suitable.”

1. Home Alone (1990)

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

One person asked, “It’s played yearly on Polish television for Christmas. Once, they said they would not air it, and people were angry. They reverted the decision. Is it also a must-have in other countries?”

Another responded, “In Croatia as well. We watch the first two parts every year at least once. There are only two movies. The others don’t exist. We don’t talk about them.”

“Here in America, at least in the Midwest, it’s almost a religion to watch that movie several times every Christmas season,” a third volunteered. Finally, another shared, “Korea as well. I have no idea why, but Home Alone is THE Christmas movie played all season.” Several other countries, including Germany, Slovakia, Mexico, Denmark, and Czechia, agreed.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is a significant Christmas classic missing from this list? Also, check out these most underrated Christmas movies to catch this holiday season.

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