10 Favorite Friends Episodes Ever, Ranked

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It’s been eighteen years since Friends premiered, and people are still talking about it. It’s in heavy syndication, and they recently had a Friends Reunion, both streaming on HBO Max. After a die-hard fan asked, “What are the best episodes of all time?” These were the top-voted responses. 

10. The One with All the Cheesecakes – Season 7, Episode 11

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In “The One with All the Cheesecakes,” Rachel catches Chandler eating a stolen cheesecake from their neighbor after it was mistakenly delivered to his apartment. After another cheesecake is delivered to their neighbor, Rachel and Chandler go out to lunch.

But when they return, it’s still there, and they steal it. After the cheesecake ends up on the floor, Joey turns the corner to discover them eating it off the floor. But he doesn’t judge and pulls a fork from his pocket, “Alright, what are we having?”

9. The One With All the Kissing – Season 5, Episode 2

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In “The One With All the Kissing,” Monica and Chandler secretly fool around. Then, however, Rachel and Phoebe walk in. So to attempt to cover their tracks, Chandler kisses them goodbye too. Monica dismisses it as something he must have picked up in Europe. However, the looks on Rachel and Phoebe’s faces when he kisses them are priceless.

8. The One with the Football – Season 3, Episode 9

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In “The One with the Football,” the gang plays a game while Thanksgiving dinner is cooking. Joey and Chandler fight for the hot Dutch girl’s attention, Rachel goes “really long” for a pretzel, and Monica fights with Ross over the Troll Geller Cup.

One person admitted, “The scene where Ross and Monica talk about Geller Bowl and the Geller Cup… with the gang trying not to laugh and Chandler is cracking jokes (“Was the curse lifted?”)… it’s my favorite scene from the whole show.”

7. The One with the Embryos – Season 4, Episode 12

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In “The One with the Embryos,” the guys make a bet against the girls. Then, they have Ross create a game; the stakes are the girl’s apartment. It’s the episode where we discover the girls steal Miss Chanandler Bong’s TV Guide “every week!” But ultimately, the girls lose because they don’t know what Chandler does for a living.

6. The One With the Baby on the Bus – Season 2, Episode 6

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In “The One With the Baby on the Bus,” Chandler and Joey agree to watch Ben after Monica serves Ross a Kiwi Lime pie. But unfortunately, Ross is allergic and must go to the hospital. So he trusts them, but they accidentally leave the baby on the bus when getting off with two hot girls for drinks.

When they pick him up from Child Protective Services, there are two babies, and they have to guess which one is Ben. “What kind of scary *ss clowns came to your birthday?!”

5. The One Where No One’s Ready – Season 3, Episode 2

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In “The One Where No One’s Ready,” Ross rushes his friends to get ready for an important event at his museum. Rachel isn’t dressed, Monica obsesses over an old message from Richard, and Joey and Chandler fight over the chair. Ultimately, Joey steals the cushions of the chair. So Chandler decides to put on everything Joey owns. “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!”

4. The One With All the Poker – Season 1, Episode 18

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In “The One With All the Poker,” the girls ask Monica’s aunt, Iris, a professional poker player, to help win the game against the boys. Ross secretly loves Rachel and wants to prove he’s not to Joey and Chandler. So he goes extra hard on her during the game. However, after receiving a phone call that she didn’t get the job she interviewed for at Saks, Ross lets her win.

3. The One Where Everybody Finds Out – Season 5, Episode 14

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In “The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler making out while across the street surveying Ugly Naked Guy’s former and Ross’s new apartment. So she and Rachel play games to get them to confess.
Phoebe begins flirting with Chandler and suggests the two get together. Ultimately, Chandler admits it but doesn’t want Ross to know. However, that is short-lived after seeing them through the window. “Get off, my sister!”

2. The One Where Ross Got High – Season 6, Episode 9

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In this episode, Ross lied to his parents in college and blamed the smell of his cannabis use on Chandler. So Monica needs Ross to confess, so her parents will love and accept Chandler, and she is living together. Meanwhile, Rachel is in charge of dessert and accidentally mixes two recipes: an English trifle and shepherd’s pie.

One user quoted Judy Geller, “That’s a lot of information to get in 30 seconds. All right. Joey, if you want to leave, just leave. Rachel; no, you weren’t supposed to put beef in the trifle. It did not taste good. Phoebe, I’m sorry, but I think Jacques Cousteau is dead.”

1. The One After Ross Says Rachel – Season 5, Episode 1

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The number one voted episode is the one after Ross inadvertently says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s at their London wedding. Monica and Chandler sleep together, Joey eats steak with his hands, Emily climbs out the bathroom window, and Ross expresses, “I don’t care about the stupid band!”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of the best Friends episodes of all time. What do you think? Did your episode make it, or is it missing from this list? For example, “The One With All the Resolutions?” I don’t know how Ross in the leather pants didn’t make it in the top ten.  Also, check out the most annoying Friends character, according to recent polling.

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