10 Jobs That Exist Because Common Sense Isn’t So Common 

A questions was asked in a popular forum that had people responding with some interesting answers.   Here are some of the responses to jobs that exist because common sense is not common to everyone.

Potato Dirt Smearer

As funny as it sounds, people are hired to put some dirt back on cleaned potatoes to appear legit to the customers’ eyes. One user said, “Met a guy once – his job was putting dirt on potatoes.

Litter Pickers

This is one job that exists because people are jerks. If everyone could dispose of their trash well, nobody would have to pick after them.

IT Technicians

One commenter said, “I’m an IT technician. The help desk stuff is pretty on point. Step one of dealing with computers is to READ what they tell you, and some people do not do this under any circumstances, then get upset and angry when I tell them that the error message they ignored told them how to fix the problem.”


Televangelists thrive only because people, and most of the time, not the well-off, give them their money. If people thought things over just a little bit more, this job could be forgotten in a few years.

A Huge Chunk of Customer Service Jobs

People working in customer service revealed that they are often contacted to spoon-feed people information that could be obtained by just checking the company’s website.

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