10 Places You Should Never Use Your Debit Card

Debit cards are a convenient way to pay for things without carrying a lot of cash around and without piling up credit card debt. However, debit cards can place you more at risk of identity theft and fraud.

Car Rental Locations

When you rent a car, the company places a hold on your credit card for the amount of the rental. The same thing happens when you use a debit card, the same thing happens.

Gas Stations

Gas stations may also place holds on cards. Worse, though, is that gas stations are notorious locations for skimmers, devices that steal account information from cards. Especially avoid gas stations in dark places late at night.

Grocery Stores

Getting cashback is one of the appeals of using debit cards in grocery stores—it saves a trip to an ATM—but grocery stores get hit by skimmers, too.


Hotels often place holds on cards as well to cover damage you might cause or items you might remove. As with other holds, you won’t be able to use those funds but might need them. Plus, if there’s a dispute over the final bill, you have less power to get your money back.

Independent and Isolated ATMs

ATMs tucked away in corners of stores or unaffiliated with major banks are prime targets for thieves installing skimmers. If you need to make a cash withdrawal, it’s better to go to a bank and use the ATM there, where there is more security.

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