Tahiti Village Las Vegas: Is It Worth It?

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You’ve seen the advertisements for three free nights. Now you’re wondering what the Tahiti Village timeshare presentation deal really is and is worth it.

Overview: 3 Free Nights in Exchange for 120 Min Timeshare Presentation

We were curious too, so we took the bait and went for it and can now give our unbiased review of it. (This is not a sponsored post, but I would give you my honest review even if it was!)

Entrance to Tahiti Village Las Vegas in bright and welcoming.
The entrance to Tahiti Village is clean, bright, and welcoming. Photo Credit: Karee Blunt

What You Get at the Tahiti Village Las Vegas Resort & Spa

In exchange for agreeing to attend their timeshare presentation, you’ll be given a three-night stay at Tahiti Village at no cost to you. We’ve outlined below what’s included in your free Vegas getaway to help you decide if it’s worth it or not.

One Bedroom Suite

First of all, Tahiti Village Las Vegas isn’t just another hotel. We were given a nice-sized, one-bedroom suite with a living room and kitchen for our stay there. At 580 sq. feet, there was plenty of room for us to spread out and feel like we could make ourselves at home.

It was just the two of us for this stay but had we come with the kids, we could have used the pull-out sofa for another bed or asked for the two-bedroom suite if we were bringing the whole family.

The rooms were clean, and we felt safe the entire time we were at the resort. Depending on the time of year, you can book this room for anywhere from $100-$300/night, which makes this deal worth approximately $300-$900. (Not bad for two hours of your time!)

Our room at the Tahiti Village Las Vegas Resort & Spa  came with a kitchen and sitting room, making it very roomy and comfortable.
Living Room and Kitchen area in the Moorea Suite (Photo courtesy of Tahiti Village) Photo Credit: Karee Blunt

Pool and Lazy River

Tahiti Village Las Vegas Resort & Spa is known for its family-friendly pool area with its easy entry and sandy “beach,” plus a beautiful lazy river. Access is included with your stay there.

Even in February when we went, there were families spending their days enjoying the water and hanging out around the pool. We weren’t there with our kids, but I know they would have enjoyed it, too!

Tahiti Village Las Vegas has a lazy river and kid friendly easy entry pool that makes it one of the best family friendly hotels in Las Vegas.
Lazy River at Tahiti Village Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Karee Blunt


While not a five-star resort, it’s got enough amenities to make for a comfortable stay. In addition to having a kitchen in your room, there’s a coffee shop in the main lobby, an arcade to spend some time in, a restaurant, and, of course, the beautiful pool and lazy river. (There’s also a fitness center and a spa, but we didn’t access either of those, so I can’t comment on them.) You could easily spend your entire vacation relaxing here with everything you need for your stay.


Tahiti Village Las Vegas Resort & Spa is located about two miles from the main strip, so if you’re wanting to walk right out of your hotel and into the action, this isn’t the place for you. However, with a free shuttle running back and forth to the strip every 30 minutes, this really wasn’t an issue.

It’s also close to the airport and car rental agencies, which we considered a plus. Even though we rented a car so we could explore other areas, we used the shuttle to get back and forth from the strip. No need to mess with finding parking when you can just hop on and off the shuttle! Easy peasy and well worth it.

Pros of Tahiti Village Las Vegas

  • Great family facility
  • Clean, friendly environment
  • Beautiful swimming area with beach, zero entry pool, and lazy river
  • Away from the strip but easily accessible
  • Nice size suites
  • Close to the airport and rental cars agencies
  • Great location if using Las Vegas as “home base” for day trips
  • Shopping strip and restaurants within walking distance behind the hotel
  • Free Shuttle service available every 1/2 hour to and from the strip
  • Onsite coffee bar is a nice way to start the day
  • As far as free timeshare vacations go, this is a great place to stay
Tahiti Village Las Vegas has a lazy river and kid friendly easy entry pool that makes it one of the best family friendly hotels in Las Vegas.
Sandy Beach at Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Karee Blunt

Cons of Tahiti Village Las Vegas

  • No free breakfast (but it does have a kitchen in the suite and a restaurant onsite)
  • Parking can be a challenge at night (especially if you have a lot to bring in and have to walk quite a ways), although there is a separate parking garage next door with plenty of parking there
  • Reviews of the onsite restaurant were fairly blah
  • Located two miles away from the strip, requiring either a car or shuttle

About the Tahiti Village “Deal”

To get the 3 free nights, you have to agree to show up for the 120-minute presentation where their sales team will tell you about the benefits of owning a timeshare there.

You’re charged a $99 deposit when you make your reservation, that’s refunded when you complete the presentation. Also, if you don’t show up, you’ll be charged the going rate for all three nights of your room. (We were quoted approximately $750 at the time of our stay.)

Some people will find this information right up their alley and want to learn more. Obviously, that’s why this deal is offered, and if you find it works for you, great!

Other people are going to find it doesn’t fit their needs and are not going to be interested. Yes, they’re going to try a little harder to appeal to your “don’t-you-want-to-make-all-the-travel-memories-with-your-family” emotions, but if it’s not your thing and you know it, then simply stick to your guns, say thanks, but no thanks, and leave at the end of the presentation.

That’s that.

Seriously. That’s that.

Tahiti Village Las Vegas is beautifully landscaped and a pool that makes it one of the best family friendly hotels in Las Vegas.
There are plenty of seating areas and the grounds are well manicured. Photo Credit: Karee Blunt

We’ve done a couple of these timeshare/membership-type presentations and have found them to be worth the value for what we received in return for our time. If you’re interested in learning more about how to score great deals on timeshare properties, Monica at Planner at Heart shares some great tips on how you can do it.

We are interested in travel and although neither of the opportunities appealed to us, that’s not to say one day we won’t decide that one is a great match for the way we travel and we’ll go for it.

Here Are Some Common Questions People Ask About Las Vegas Timeshare Promotions

What Should I Expect in a Timeshare Presentation?

The first thing you should expect is that the entire goal for any of these timeshare presentation deals is to get you to say yes. While many timeshare reps get a bad rap for being high pressured, not all of them are. However, you can absolutely expect them to play on your emotions. They’ll also use sense of urgency and now-or-never sales tactics to try to persuade you to sign a contract. If you know this going in, you’ll know it’s all part of the game.

Above all, remember this: it’s not personal. Not for them and not for you. If you’re truly interested and buy it, you’re still just another sale. If you’re not interested, politely say no and leave. Again, you’re just another number in their stats.

How Do You Say No to a Timeshare Rep?

Practice this: “It’s been nice meeting you, but we’re not interested. Since our agreed-upon time is up, we’re leaving now.” Ok, it won’t be quite that easy, but you do not owe them any other expectation. They’ll run down every list of how you could benefit from buying into their timeshare property and play on every emotion. Simply repeat it again as you stand up and head toward the door. Shake their hand (or fist bump…who shakes hands anymore?) and keep moving.

Will this get you out of there? Not quite, but it will make them move to the next step in the sales process and that’s to send in the next guy. It’s his job to try a little harder. Repeat the above phrase as you fist bump him and continue this process until you’re finally out the door. Then, move on to enjoy the rest of your complimentary stay!

After Saying No to a Timeshare, What’s Your Experience With the Free Vacation That Was Offered?

Since this post is specifically about the Tahiti Village Las Vegas timeshare presentation, I’ll base my answer on this location. We didn’t notice any difference whatsoever in our treatment during the rest of our stay. I honestly don’t know if any of the hotel staff even knew whether we bought the timeshare package or not. For us, this was a non-issue.

How Uncomfortable Is It to Sit Through a Timeshare Presentation?

This has a lot to do with your personality type. People pleasers are going to struggle with feeling rude, while others are going to get a kick out of seeing the sales process play out. Sales reps are trained to spot your weakness and press into that area. If you know ahead of time you have a hard time saying no to people, you definitely want to practice this ahead of time. If both you and your partner are impulse buyers, these 3 free nights in Vegas are going to get really expensive!

Is Purchasing a Timeshare a Good Idea or Not?

There are lots of financial factors to consider, but it also partly depends on your style of travel. Do you prefer to go back to the same vacation spot year after year? If so, perhaps a timeshare could work for you. Do you like exploring different locations for most of your vacations? They’ll likely have some sort of point system that could work in other locations, but you’ll still be locking yourself into their properties.

Even if it’s in the city you want to tour, what if it’s not in the location needed? Do you normally spend that much on lodging when you travel or could you book it cheaper yourself? Do you usually use points and miles to book free travel like we do?

If you find yourself considering purchasing the timeshare, be sure you get everything in writing, including all current and future costs involved, how often you can use it, how to sell it, etc.

How Can I Attend a Timeshare Presentation and Get Out Relatively Unscathed?

Stick to your guns. That’s it! The sales reps at the Tahiti Village timeshare presentation we attended were relatively low-key. Here’s the thing: you agree to a certain amount of time (usually 90-120 minutes) and there’s nothing that says you can’t spend part of it asking them questions. How long have they worked there? Where do they recommend eating? What’s their favorite place to visit in the area? The clock keeps ticking regardless of what you’re talking about. See where I’m going here?

Is Attending Timeshare Presentations for a Cheaper Hotel Fare a Scam?

No, this is a legit way to get yourself a free trip to Vegas. With that said, I would never suggest signing up for a timeshare presentation without doing some homework first. There are some properties that are known for being super high-pressured and more on the scammy side. There’s just no free resort getaway that’s worth the stress of knowing that’s what you’re in for when you get there. Take a hard pass on those!

Why Do They Do This When They Know Most People Will Decline?

I asked this very question when I called about making a reservation. The Nice-Girl in me knew we weren’t looking for a timeshare membership, so would it be wrong to take advantage of this 3 night getaway for a free Vegas trip knowing we’d most likely say no?

The customer service rep I spoke with said they know full well most people will say no. It’s a numbers game, but this is part of their advertising expense. They also assume a certain number of people will tell friends and family about it. Apparently, at some point, the numbers must work for them because they’re still doing it.

Knowing that we went completely guilt-free and enjoyed our time at Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. We’d give it two thumbs up and feel good recommending it to our friends and family.

In fact, we liked the resort enough that we wanted to stay there on a later trip, but it was completely full!

The pool and grounds at Tahiti Village make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation!
The pool and grounds at Tahiti Village make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation! Photo Credit: Karee Blunt

How to Fly to Las Vegas For Free

To make this deal even sweeter, we used airline miles to book my roundtrip ticket so it didn’t cost anything. I also added Rodney’s ticket using my Southwest Companion Pass so his was free as well.

✔️3 free nights at Tahiti Village for 120 minutes of our time
✔️2 round trip tickets (plus $11.20/each in taxes/fees)

Totally worth it to us.

What are Some Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Going to Casinos?

Vegas is a great location to fly into, rent a car and go on an epic road trip! You can easily use Tahiti Village as your home base, even if you’re not interested in exploring Vegas. That’s exactly what we did. Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are easily within driving distance. I 100% recommend booking a tour for Antelope Canyon is open again! You could also skip the car rental and book a tour instead.

If you sign up for this Tahiti Village timeshare promotion, be sure to let us know what you think about their resort!

Our goal is to help families find ways to take fantastic vacations while spending less money. If that sounds good to you, be sure to sign up for our weekly email and get our posts sent right to your inbox!

Till next time,

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20 thoughts on “Tahiti Village Las Vegas: Is It Worth It?”

  1. We almost did one of these on our last trip to Vegas but ended up not gong thrift with it as we were worried about the hard sell. That said I remember talking to a couple at a bar who just paid for a timeshare so you’re right it is a numbers game and some people do it

    • Totally understand backing out of doing one, since they tend to have a reputation for being hard sell. That’s exactly why I wanted to do this review so people would make a decision with a little more knowledge. This particular one was not hard sell and I have no problem recommending it. 🙂

  2. WOW, i can’t believe you had a totally free trip to vegas with airline miles and this tahiti village stay! definitely worth it to me. I always prefer to stay on the strip but i’d sacrifice that to have free accomodations in return for 120 minutes! haha 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    • I know! I definitely love being able to combine things like this will airline miles. Then we can spend our money on great local food and experiences instead of flights and hotels. Two hours was totally worth it to us!

  3. Was the presentation something that you scheduled in advance or once you got there? How flexible were they on the times to go? We are planning a trip there for a softball tournament and would like to take advantage of this offer but I’m worried the presentation will be during a game time.

    • If I recall, we knew what day it would be when we made the reservation, but we didn’t know the exact time until we got there. I do remember that they wanted to schedule us for a certain time that didn’t work for us and we were able to change it a time that did. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take advantage of the offer and make the time work for you, too!

    • Hi Kelli, we paid $99 and were refunded the full amount after the presentation. As long as you attend for the agreed upon amount of time, you’ll get it back without any trouble.

  4. We did this. Since we said no to timeshare they offered a 3 year trial for 3k and no fees, but still pay the the exchange fee for RCI and or the 289 for week stay. Do you think that is worth it? They said I cannot cancel, but by law, isn’t there a three day cool off peod?

    • Hi Jack,

      I’m not familiar with the legal aspects of this, but I did a quick google search and see that most timeshares have a 5-15 day grace period. If you want out, I would definitely start pursuing that right away. If you don’t get out of it, hopefully you can take some wonderful vacations and make terrific memories with your family!

  5. I’m thinking of doing this in late July to kill some time while I’m stuck in between gigs on the west coast.
    I see it’s been a few months since anyone has commented.
    Any updates?
    Current offer is $199 for 4 nights, but you get some sort of credit up to $200 toward airfare.
    Another one I see is the $99 deposit you get back when you sit through the presentation.

    • Hi Eric,

      Yes, I believe they are still offering this, although it looks like the offer changes occasionally. If you think about commenting again, I’d love to hear what offer you get if you go!

  6. Hi,
    For the 2hrs meeting, do they ask peronal things a lot like where we work, how long we are married, how many kids , kids name, how we met etc?Do they check more than dirver license etc?

    • Yes, they do ask questions, but you’re not obligated to answer any of them, although that could get awkward. You can always turn it back on them and start asking questions about their family. Keep in mind, they are just people doing a job and a chance to talk about their family might be nice. If you’ve already declared you’re not interested, they still have to go through the interview, but being nice about it goes a long way. Be friendly. They can’t MAKE you buy anything, so you’re safe talking about whatever you’re comfortable with. Hope that helps!

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