People Admit Their Dumbest Travel Mistakes and They’re Doozies

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Even the savviest travelers aren’t immune to the occasional baffling blunder. Passport mix-ups, luggage woes, and navigational no-no’s are just the tip of the travel-misstep iceberg. This article spotlights a collection of amusing and facepalm-worthy travel mistakes shared by wanderers in an online forum, offering you a chance to sidestep these pitfalls in your future escapades.

1. Forgetting Important Travel Documents 

Passports and Visa
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Forgetting important travel documents may mean not proceeding with travel, getting stranded, or even having to pay more money to bail yourself out of the situation. This is why it is essential to double-check that you have all the necessary documents before leaving for your trip.

“I once traveled to an African country and forgot my mandatory vaccination book. I had to bribe the lady in the office with 50 bucks, which she did hide in her bOObs before letting me go across the border!” commented one user. 

2. Failure to Take Into Account Difference in Time Zones

World Time
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Overlooking time zone disparities can lead to scheduling issues when traveling. Being mindful of these differences is vital to ensure punctuality and timely arrival for your appointments or flights.

“I had decided to book return flights separately since they were on different airlines. I thought it would be easier to handle. When I booked the second flight, I completely forgot to take into account time zones and booked it a day in advance (basically, on the same day as the first one, they were supposed to leave enough time on my layover). When the day came to check in online for both flights, I realized the second one had left long ago. I ended up paying around 1700 CAD extra to get home and book the flight I should have,” narrated a commenter.

3. Not Checking Visa Requirements

Checking Visa
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Some countries require visas for entry, and not checking the requirements in advance can lead to denied entry at the border.

One commenter told this story, “Not me, but my friends recently were visiting the EU (they’re not EU citizens and require a visa to be there) and decided to go on a day trip from Munich (Germany) to Salzburg (Austria). Never came to their mind to grab their passports as it was their first time in Europe, and they thought, “There are no state borders inside the EU”. They got lucky on the way there, but on the way back, there was a police check on travel documents. They were taken off the train and spent a couple of hours at the police station trying to contact the hotel so the staff would get into their room and take photos of their visas. Ended well though – the police released them once the photos were sent.”

4. Not Having Local Currency

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Arriving in a new country without any local currency can make it difficult to pay for transportation or small expenses. It’s a good idea to have some local cash on hand.

One commenter who learned the hard way shared their experience as follows: “Leaving all cash and IDs in my safe in the hotel room in Mexico and going into town with only one credit card. Didn’t realize it until I had to try and get a ride back to the hotel and no one had the ability to take credit. No banks would give me a cash advance, obviously. Had to beg a shopkeeper to charge my card for cash – he charged me $80 and gave me $30.”

5. Being Unprepared for the Weather

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Failing to check the weather forecast for your destination can leave you unprepared for extreme conditions, whether it’s intense heat, cold, rain, or snow.                                                                           

A commenter recounted, “I booked a trip to Istanbul in December and assumed it would be warm because it was on the Mediterranean and in the Middle East, didn’t check the weather predictions, didn’t pack any warm clothes, and it was snowing when I arrived.”

6. Am vs. PM Mix-up

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Failing to counter-check the AM and PM while making bookings can end up with you missing your flights. 

A person shared how they fell victim to this:  “Booked my flight from Bangkok to Phuket for 4 am instead of 4 pm and didn’t notice until I had already missed it. Luckily, it was a very cheap flight.”

Another recounted: “Booked a train. Didn’t realize the train timing mentioned is in 24 hr format. It was written 0600 and my stupid self thought it was 6 PM. Reached in the evening just to realize my mistake. I had to wait the whole night at the train station for the next day’s train as it was the only train to my hometown. “

7. Passport Mishappenings

Passport loss
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Passport mishaps, from loss or theft to expired documents, can disrupt travel plans. The importance of safeguarding this essential travel document and being prepared for unforeseen challenges cannot be emphasized enough.

“Not me but my husband. The night before our first trip to Barcelona, he noticed his passport had expired. Hotels were nonrefundable at that point, so I waved goodbye and did the trip solo. ” narrated a forum commenter. 

8. Trusting Strangers

Trusting strangers
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Trusting strangers while traveling can lead to memorable encounters, but it also carries risks. Striking a balance is crucial to ensure safety and enjoyable experiences on your journey.

A commenter described their ordeal, “Made two very dumb mistakes when I was younger.

Left my $500 camera on a table with my drunk friend (aka not being watched), and when I returned, it was gone. Also, upon arriving in Rome, I went to get a metro card and met a lady standing next to the card machine. I thought she worked there. Nope. She was just your local neighborhood Roma swindling dumb tourists like me out of a few bucks.”

9. Neglecting Essentials

Top 16 Things Every Germaphobe Should Pack When Traveling
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Wardrobe mishaps during travel, like forgetting to pack underwear, can lead to discomfort and inconvenience. Proper packing ensures you’re ready for any adventure while staying comfortable on the road.

A commenter recounts, “ Went on a weeklong hiking trip to the Grand Canyon in college and I forgot to pack a single pair of underwear.  I had to end up going to the doctor when I got home because I had such a bad rash in my nether region”  

Another also shared, “I made a similar, but not as bad of a mistake. I went on a weeklong rafting trip down the Grand Canyon and realized at the 1st camp I had only brought one pair of shorts to wear, and they were white. They certainly weren’t white by the end of the trip because  I had to wear them every day.”

10. Packing Peculiarities

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This can take unexpected turns when travelers decide to include unconventional items in their luggage. Eccentric packing, with unusual items, can pose challenges during travel. These unconventional choices can end logistical issues that may disrupt the journey.

“Mine was being an inexperienced 19-year-old traveler bringing lots of German beer to Liverpool in a duffel bag. About 10 or 12 bottles broke, and the bags on the conveyor belt were soaked in beer, and the people were angrily mumbling over it. Then mine came, the whole bottom was drenched, and eyes were all over me as I quietly snuck out,” a commenter narrates.

Another commenter also recounts, “I agreed to carry a parcel of raw meat home to LA from some acquaintances in Dhaka. I had gotten ill in Dhaka, so I was in no mental state to question why they would want me to do that. It leaked blood inside my luggage, which ensured the customs officials wanted nothing to do with it. I still wonder what that was about.”

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