Travel Snobs Would Rip You Apart for These Travel Habits

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Travel is a universal pursuit, yet it’s often a breeding ground for judgments that may be viewed as pretentious. In a world where travel snobs bask in their superior tastes and habits, some people dare to be different. Their travel opinions and habits might not align with the elitist travelers, and they would undoubtedly tear them apart.

An online community recently had this discussion, and commenters revealed their unconventional preferences and practices that would send travel snobs into a frenzy.

Finding Joy in Tourist Traps

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While travel snobs often dismiss crowded landmarks, some people find immense joy in exploring iconic tourist attractions, relishing their popularity and the shared awe they evoke. These places became famous for a reason, after all.

A commenter stated, “Popular tourist attractions are popular for a reason. While I love off-the-beaten-path experiences, when I’m in Paris, I’m going to go to the Eiffel Tower, for example. Wanting to see a lot of touristy places doesn’t make me less of a traveler. There’s a reason these places attract a lot of people, and most of the time, it’s because they are beautiful.”

Tourist Guided Tours

Tourist Guided Tours
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Rather than dismissing guided tours as cliché, others appreciate the insights they provide. These tours offer a structured introduction to a destination, bringing history and culture to life in an accessible and informative way.

“Guided tours (whether a day tour or a whole organized trip) aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. Not every tour is one of those massive buses that don’t allow you to explore a bit,” opined another commenter.

Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids
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Travel snobs may shun family trips, but some people embrace the chaos and wonder of exploring with children. It’s an opportunity for the young eyes to experience the world, creating lasting memories and unique experiences for the entire family.

A commenter said, “Traveling with kids is fun and worth it, even if they’re too young to remember the trip. You end up doing things that you probably wouldn’t do as adults, like going to playgrounds, children’s museums, aquariums, etc., that end up being really fun. And it’s really cool to see how parenting differs in another country when you’re in these public kids’ spaces. We also plan out plenty of downtime (like nap time), which is also really relaxing.”

Staying In and Doing Nothing

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Amidst the whirlwind of travel,  sometimes it’s good to relish lazy days indoors. It’s a chance to unwind, read, or simply enjoy the ambiance of the place without constant exploration, a habit that might perplex travel enthusiasts.

“Staying in/doing nothing. I used to not comprehend this, but I’m older now and don’t have the energy for non-stop touring. Now, I like afternoon naps and building in rest days to my itinerary. My favorite day on my last trip was my first day in Milan. I’d been doing a lot beforehand in Venice, so I slept in late, wandered around some neighborhoods, and grabbed delicious takeout. It was so nice to have a nothing day, and I’d rather spend a day doing nothing in Milan than at home working,” stated a commenter. 

Hop on Hop off Bus Tour

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These touristy bus tours may not align with the preferences of travel purists, but some appreciate them for their convenience in navigating a city’s major sights and providing a comprehensive overview, especially when time is limited.

“Those hop-on hop-off double-decker bus tours in major cities are amazing. They take you to nearly every major tourist attraction in a city. It’s something I’ll do on the first day in a major city nearly every time. Check off all the major sights, get a feel for the layout of the city while driving through different neighborhoods, and just relax on the top deck while learning some things and getting over jet lag. It’s also easier on a first day than having to learn a whole new public transportation system or shell out for Ubers/taxis,” said a commenter.

Language Barrier Acceptance

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While travel snobs might insist on fluency or proficient communication, some embrace the challenge of language barriers. They are unafraid to stumble through conversations, relying on gestures and basic phrases to connect with locals. 

After all, it’s a testament to the universality of human interactions and often leads to delightful, memorable moments.

A user commented, “Using hand gestures and Google Translate rather than mastering the local language. You only have to know the basics of the local language. Numbers (for pricing), asking where the bathroom is, and basic greetings/platitudes are enough. People are usually okay with foreigners, and if you need to communicate something more complex, someone will have Google translate.”

Spending Very Little Time per Destination

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While some travelers aim for in-depth exploration, others occasionally opt for whirlwind visits, spending a mere day or two in a destination. This approach allows for a glimpse of a place and keeps my travel itinerary diverse, even if it means missing out on some hidden gems.

 A commenter recounted, “I spent half a day in some huge cities and saw everything I wanted to see. People will say, ‘You need to stay for days to soak up the culture.’ Nah, mate, I’d rather move onto something that’s actually interesting than to Stockholm syndrome myself into liking a city.”

Booking Group Tours

Group Tours
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Joining large tour groups is contrary to independent traveler ideals. Travel snobs may prefer individualized experiences, but some value group tours for their convenience and social opportunities. They often provide access to exclusive sites and local insights, fostering new connections with fellow travelers.

Besides, group dynamics can enhance the journey, even if it means less autonomy.

One user said, “Booking group tours. I can’t do a multi-day structured tour, but I enjoy booking one-off tours with a guide. It can be a little more expensive, but I’ve found it’s worth it for what you can learn from a local. I really like doing small group tours when I travel alone. It lets me get some socialization while visiting the sights I want to see.”

Bringing Home Generic Souvenirs

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Rather than seeking unique, handcrafted mementos,  sometimes people opt for readily available, generic souvenirs. These generic souvenirs are not a bad idea as they have been portrayed in the travel industry. 

These items, though less exclusive, can be a lighthearted reminder of a trip and are easier to find, making them a practical choice for some travelers.

A commenter stated, “Lol, I wanted to say something about magnets. I love them, and I hate how some people act like you have to buy local crafts with a long history as a souvenir. I also always send postcards to my grandma.”

Embracing Spontaneity

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Rather than adhering to a strict itinerary, some people cherish the freedom of going with the flow during their travels. This approach allows for unexpected discoveries and memorable adventures, even if it means leaving some plans to chance.

“You can just go to a country or city without having a strict itinerary for each day and without knowing much about the place. You can simply arrive and leave your accommodation in any direction and see where you end up (but you shouldn’t do that in dangerous places, obviously),” said a commenter.

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